Project - SOS дистанционно училище


Allianz Bulgaria Holding


Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The project makes it possible for children and young people at risk to participate in remote learning during a pandemic. The campaign is implemented via donation of laptops for children under the care of SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria. The distribution of the equipment was carried out in two stages - during May-June and December 2020 due to the anti-epidemic measures taken in Bulgaria.

Project Target Group

The project is implemented for the benefit of children in foster care, children from the SOS Centers for Public Support and young people from the SOS Youth Homes under the Association SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria, who need technical equipment in order to adequately participate in their remote education. The campaign is entirely external. Allianz is a long-term international partner of SOS Children’s Villages International, of which SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria is a regular member.

Project Duration

The initiative SOS Remote School was held within the calendar 2020, due to the emergency online form of education caused by the pandemic. Allianz is a global partner of SOS Children’s Villages, and in the face of the local organization the company has a trusted partner, with an established history and indisputable results, whom supports in long turn.

Project Activities

The project activities were communicated through the company's internal channels, which helped the employees identify with the cause and to commit to the initiative, each volunteer was invited to participate in the organization and implementation of the project.

Project Results

The first distribution of laptops made the process of remote education of children in SOS care possible, giving them the opportunity for independence in the preparation and attendance in home schooling. The second stage of the campaign took place during the second lockdown in Bulgaria, which again helped to facilitate remote education and contributed to the effective conduct of studding at home . As a result of the Allianz campaign, a satisfactory educational environment and level of engagement in children has been achieved. In the long term, the initiative helps to build students' digital skills, which contributes to their social integration and future professional realization.