Project - Nestle for Healthier Kids 2020



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Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the Program is to help children build long-term nutrition habits and a healthy way of living by providing them with engaging educational content. In 2020 as a result of the pandemic situation and the virtual form of educational system Nestle for Healthier kids program was adapted to the new reality. In addition to standard activities we have added open air activities for the kids with the aim to help them increase their physical activity in strict protective measures.

Project Target Group

The Program is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12, their teachers and parents. We reach our target audiences through partnership with MES and RSO from the whole country. In 2020 we have adapted fully the program to enable her performance in digital reality by giving the opportunity to schools and kindergartens across the whole country to take place in it. Parents, teachers and kids engagement is also driven by the support of celebrities who support the program.

Project Duration

Considering the long-term goals of the initiative an important component is the mix of activities addressed towards each target group - kids, parents, teachers. The program started in 2010 with lessons in a couple of schools in Sofia. In 2018 it transformed into an initiative on a national level and since 2019 included kindergartens as well. From the start of the campaign until now we have reached more then 23 000 kids, 13 000 teachers and parents, more than 180 schools and 60 kinder gardens.

Project Activities

In 2020 the program continued conducting engaging lessons among children aged 3-12 in schools and kindergartens with the aim to provoke their interest in balanced nutrition and active lifestyle. The educational content includes 6 modules, tailored to the kids’ age. We held the traditional Program’s - 64 educational institutions participated. The most active 3 kindergartens and 3 schools were awarded and will improve their facilities to promote active lifestyle and balanced nutrition. The event was covered by 83 media publications. For the first time ever we organized a sports weekend - football tournament, zumba and sport activities for children (grades 1-4) in Plovdiv. A total of 450 children took part with their parents which led to 40 media materials. We celebrated International Chef's Day with online cooking master class for children and parents – chef Leo Bianchi and his twins, and Katerina Evro and her granddaughter took part. Together they prepared a balanced meal and over 204,000 people watched their videos. Via the digital campaign "Nutri Plate" the principles of balanced nutrition among children reachеа over 300,000 parents.

Project Results

For the academic year 2019/2020 the Program has reached: • 11 447 children from more than 118 schools and kindergartens in the country Through the educational program and online activities, the Program reached over 2 million parents in the country - 2,575,864, of which 8,483 are effectively involved. The program is successfully expanding and continues to assist in building better eating habits among children in Bulgaria and help them grow healthy and happy - it has reached a total of more than 23,000 Bulgarian children.