Project - Supporting individuals with Down Syndrome in their integration, professional and personal development



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The project aims to target a social issue in the local community and work towards solving it by connecting, preparing and employing individuals with Down syndrome. Our aim is not only to help them integrate and develop their personal and professional skills, but also to promote the idea that they are an integral part of our society and deserve to be treated equally and lead a fulfilling life. It also helps fostering a culture that values diverse people, talent and ideas.

Project Target Group

Project target group are people with Down syndrome in working age. It aims to connect with these people and depending on their potential and abilities, to find an appropriate job position, where they can develop further their personal and professional skills and feel purposeful and integrated. Our main partner in reaching the target group is "Down Syndrome - Bulgaria" Association and its Chairperson Tony Marinova. About 100 children with Down syndrome are born in Bulgaria each year.

Project Duration

At the beginning of 2016, Hilton Sofia started its partnership with the “Down Syndrome – Bulgaria” Association. In April of the same year, Hilton hired the first, and in July, the second employee with Down Syndrome - Jordanka and Simone, who to this day are an integral part of our team. Since 2019 both ladies are employed on indefinite labour contracts in the company.

Project Activities

In 2019 Danny won the CEO Light & Warmth Award – Hilton’s most prestigious Team Member recognition and an opportunity for the company to distinguish employees with outstanding achievements in the workplace and social engagement outside of it. Danny was nominated by the Hilton Sofia management team and became one of the 13 employees globally to earn the honor and the award of $10,000. We also organized an Easter workshop with the sunny children from the „Down Syndrome – Bulgaria“ Association. Their decorations where purchased by the hotel’s guest at a charity sale and the collected funds were donated in support of the creation of the first Center for Special Care for Children with Down Syndrome in Bulgaria. In the end of 2019, Dani, Simone and their manager took part in a video, shot on Hilton Sofia premises, promoting the development of labor skills in people with learning disabilities.

Project Results

Together with our partners from the „Down Syndrome – Bulgaria“ Association, we were able to provide job opportunity and contribute to the development and fullfilling life of two employees with Down Syndrome. We hope that by promoting the initiative we will help build a positive image of people with the syndrome, give hope to their close ones and set an example for other employers in Bulgaria.