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Project description

Project Aim

"National Career Days" is the largest forum for student internships and career and a project that is held annually for the last 20 years. The events are key for young people, employers and host cities. The fair develops the business environment and the labor market and is extremely important for young people - over the years over 45,000 people have started their careers. "National Career Days" is the link between universities, business and young people - its purpose is to support youth employment and the realization of Bulgarian students and their career start. The fair helps companies fill their vacancies and establish their brand among young people, and for education it is important from the perspective of the practical realization of young people's knowledge in the business environment

Project Target Group

The main target group are students and young professionals. Every year tens of thousands of students attend the forum in different cities and find their realization. However, in addition to students, the forum also targets business, education and host cities, as it helps them achieve their goals too. Indirectly, "National Career Days" develops the environment and the whole Bulgarian society.

Project Duration

Our mission, since the first year of JobTiger's existence, is to create value for people, business and society as a whole. That is why National Career Days is one of our first and most important and valuable projects that help us accomplish what we were created for. National Career Days turns 20 in 2021. Every year it is realized in the period March-April live in 7 cities, and now - virtually as well.

Project Activities

The communication of the fair to visitors starts in February. We promote events in different cities through local and national radio advertising campaigns, social networks and through the network of career centers at universities in the country. Print advertising occupies a small part of advertising activities. Every year the event is realized on the territory of 7 academic cities, and now virtually. Attendance statistics for each year can be found here:

Project Results

Historically, what the forum has changed the environment the most is the way in which the internship is perceived in Bulgaria. One of our great ambitions in creating career forums was to impose internships in the form that is accepted around the world and that we know now. In 2000-2001, only a few international companies in Bulgaria had internship programs, imposed as part of their corporate policy worldwide. What we also managed to impose in the new idea for internship students is to pay for the internship. Today, paid internships are a common part of career development, and National Career Days are at the heart of companies' plans to fill vacancies in their internship programs.