Project - Lesson of the Bank



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

Increasing the financial literacy among teenagers; acquainting the Bulgarian students with the bank's functions; creating interest in the topic of money, savings and financial management.

Project Target Group

The initiative is aimed at students of all ages, and the school is reached through an official invitation to participate in the event.

Project Duration

Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria started the implementation of the "Lesson of the Bank" in 2017, on the occasion of the European Money Week, and its continuation became a priority part of the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility. Since then, the initiative, which has been met with great interest by both students and their parents and teachers, has been annual, in line with their schools' program.

Project Activities

In 2020 were organized 17 online events , with 729 participating students; For the period 2017-2020, Raiffeisenbank experts increase the financial literacy of 2031 adolescents, as the topics are tailored to their age, interests and learning material

Project Results

In the conditions of more and more electronic classes for Bulgarian students during the pandemic and the increasing use of digital banking channels among consumers, Raiffeisenbank has adapted its traditional initiative to increase financial literacy among adolescents. The "Lesson of the Bank" is already held entirely in a digital environment and focuses on the most current topics in the financial sector such as Innovation and Digital Banking, Information Security, Microbusiness and Entrepreneurship, Employer Brand, Credit Products, Bank Cards. Since 2017, the bank experts increase the financial literacy of 2,031 children from all over the country.