Project - Refugee employment as a key to the needs of the labor market



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the project is the integration of refugees on the Bulgarian labor market and in society, easier and faster learning of Bulgarian in a real environment, overcoming the religious barrier and presenting a tolerant and accepting environment.

Project Target Group

Refugees seeking employment opportunities in Bulgaria, through organized career forums with the assistance of UNHCR and Caritas.

Project Duration

The project started in 2019. Since then, we have participated in the career forums organized by Caritas and UNHCR. We are in constant contact with Caritas and when they have candidates who want to work, we meet with them. We organize in-house selection. We provide free housing.

Project Activities

The main activities of the project are: research of the needs and interests of refugees; conducting in-house trainings; selection and introduction of the most appropriate job and position; helping to learn the language, intercultural and religious barrier; meetings with refugees who are looking to be employed in the labor market; from 2021 We joined a group of employers working with employees from ethnic minorities and / or migrants, organized by the ‘I Know and I Can Association’. The purpose of this project is to identify the problems of working in a multicultural environment, on the basis of which training projects in a similar environment will be developed together with Sweden, Italy and Finland.

Project Results

The project makes people more confident, more purposeful, more social, they start a new and peaceful life. Some of them are starting their careers again, others are continuing the activity they were doing before. Some of the refugees who come with the initial idea of Bulgaria being another stop to the dream Europe remain here, start families, study. In our company we have refugees who are in management positions (managers, etc.)