Project - FINNOVATION – a strategic partnership of Postbank and SoftUni in support of education and young people in Bulgaria



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The partnership is a long-term initiative of key importance to us because it creates a working connection between business and education – an important foundation for building a knowledge-based economy. It involves various activities designed to prepare young people for the jobs of the future and a career in Bulgaria, as well as to improve the professional skills of our employees. Goals: - to create relations with target group of key importance for Postbank – digital experts who enrolled in trainings and are at the beginning of their career in the IT sector - to promote the creativity of students and attract them to the implementation of innovative projects in the financial field - to improve the digital competence of Postbank employees through specialized SoftUni programmes and trainin

Project Target Group

The project is designed for young people and digital experts who want to gain hands-on experience and grow professionally in a leading bank or the IT sector, as well as for all Postbank employees who want to improve their digital skills. Thanks to the partnership, we found an unconventional solution to attract motivated staff and to facilitate the career development of our employees. The latter is also an opportunity to generate innovative business ideas, which will be implemented in the bank.

Project Duration

We launched the project in mid-2018 and we upgrade it by adding activities every year. During this period, over 900 Postbank employees joined online and offline specialized training programmes at SoftUni, over 100 participated in the regular trainings of the university, we provided 25 scholarships for SoftUni trainings. Our experts presented digital projects to students and participated as mentors in their initiatives and career forums. Students participated in the development of our projects.

Project Activities

In 2020, we launched a series of activities in line with the two main strands of our goals – to reach the experts trained at SoftUni and to provide opportunities for development to our employees: • We provided 15 scholarships for training in SoftUni specialized courses to the winners in Brain Games – Postbank’s interactive educational games on Facebook and Instagram. • A new generation app, which facilitates the internal staff communication, won the Postbank’s BGN 1,000 grand prize in the SoftUni Fest contest. • Postbank IT experts participated in the IT Journey online career seminar, providing practical tips to the participants about their future career development. • Following a survey among Postbank employees, SoftUni experts held trainings for the digital ambassadors working at the bank (people with avid interest in novelties). Nearly 200 people attended the two specialized webinars on LinkedIn and artificial intelligence. • Over 300 employees took SoftUni trainings in various areas. • SoftUni students participated in the bank’s Innovation Lab strategic unit for development of state-of-the-art innovations.

Project Results

The project has fully achieved its goals, namely content employees, who are more confident in the modern digital environment prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and content young people who successfully continue their career development thanks to the support by the partners in the project in the form of trainings and mentorship. Over 255 people competed in SoftUni Fest, Postbank software engineers participated as mentors. The IT Journey virtual seminar was watched by over 900 users. Results proved that creating a dialogue between companies and young people is a necessity because it provides incredible opportunities for the growth of both sides. It is an investment in people, the environment and the economy because knowledge, expertise and creating opportunities lie at its core.