Project - Support and digital solidarity during a pandemic



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency in the country changed the lives of the society. In this situation, A1 had the responsibility and the opportunity to help in several directions: - To provide a healthy working environment for employees and help them change the way they work without affecting customers, including the first 2 weeks of the emergency, when A1 registered almost double the traffic in its network - To provide A1 customers with uninterrupted connection with the world and the opportunity to purchase and administer their services remotely - To support students and teachers in the transition to online education - To support hospitals with funds for the purchase of equipment, tests and the providing of volunteers to deal with the cases of coronavirus infection

Project Target Group

The project is aimed at: - All employees of the company, nearly 4 000, which we reach through all available channels of internal communication. - All customers of the company, nearly 4.8 million, which we reach through contact points, our own digital channels, social networks and media. - The society, that we reach through our support for hospitals and through communication campaigns in print and digital media.

Project Duration

The project started in February 2020 with information to the employees, providing safety equipment and preparation for remote work. Communication to customers began in the days before the state of emergency with a focus on A1's digital service channels. The digital solidarity campaign started on March 14, 2020, and the campaign in support of hospitals began soon after. All initiatives continued in various forms throughout 2020, and some continue to this day.

Project Activities

Employees: safety equipment, job instruction, digital processes, remote work, consultations with a doctor and psychologist, online trainings, digital internal initiatives, etc. Clients: - Promotion of online service channels and stimulation of online payments - A1 donated BGN 1 to the Ministry of Health for each bill paid online and 1% of each transaction through A1 Wallet during the emergency state - Free services for the period of emergency - over 200 TV channels, 10,000 MB of mobile internet and additional bonuses for customers in roaming and with prepaid cards, and an app for video conferences - 30-day free trial period for, as well as free traffic until December 31, 2020. - A1 Guard - free app for protection against telephone fraud for all mobile operators’ subscribers and customers of A1 fixed telephony Hospitals: donations for recruiting volunteers, purchasing equipment and tests were received by UMHAT "Alexandrovska", "St. Anna", "Tsaritsa Yoanna ISUL", "St. Ekaterina”, UMHATEM "Pirogov "and MMA in Sofia, MHAT in Dobrich, Montana and Silistra, UMHAT in Pernik, Novi Pazar and Veliko Tarnovo and Medical University in Pleven.

Project Results

- The employees ensured continuity of business and supported the clients and the society during the difficult moments. According to an internal survey, 91% of them believe that the measures and safeguards provided against COVID-19 are sufficient. - The taken measures and the provided stimuluses to the clients helped them get through the difficult stage and continue working and learning from anywhere. With active actions to promote online services and payment channels, A1 supported digitalization and helped protect the health of the company's customers. - With the provided financial and material donations, 13 of the largest hospitals in the country and the medics working there were better prepared to deal with the fight against Covid-19 and hundreds of people were able to fight the diseas