Project - Complex for Early Childhood Development, Plovdiv


Schneider Electric


Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

"Two years ago, For Our Children Foundation received the permission of the Municipality of Plovdiv to use the 3rd and 5th floors of the building of the oldest orphanage in Bulgaria – the Rada Kirkovich Home for children deprived of parental care, and transform it into a center for innovative services for young children and their parents", said Dr. Ivanka Shalapatova, CEO of For Our Children Foundation. "Implementing bold plans requires strong partnerships," she added. The Schneider Electric (SE) team knows that when we are together we can do more. That is why we donated 10% of the October, November and December 2020 sales of one of our most successful series of switches and sockets Unica for the construction of the center, plus all switches and sockets needed for the center’s equipment.

Project Target Group

The project is supported by "For Our Children" Foundation. "The idea for the early childhood development complex is to deliver integrated services to young children by uniting efforts of specialists from the social, health and education sectors and ensure that all opportunities are provided to support adequate development and growth of children", Dr. Shalapatova explained. Via financial support, products, communication and advertising, we at SE have reached thousands of people who can also help

Project Duration

CSR is in Schneider Electric’s DNA. We implement projects in support of people in need, educational and charitable initiatives. Although 2020 was hard for businesses, we did not scale down our CSR initiatives. On the contrary, we supported new ones. Commercial support for the Foundation lasted 3 months, and communication continues. Our participation in this contest is another step in this regard: we want to present the project to many other companies, because the total of BGN 330,000 is needed.

Project Activities

The campaign was on in Oct.-Dec. 2020 and in Jan. 2021. The cash donation from sale of our products amounted to over BGN 58,600 (€ 30,000). The campaign was national and with the donation we supported the local community in Plovdiv where our Smart Factory for circuit breakers is found. Apart from finances, we donated the switches and sockets for the day center. We conducted a communications campaign to inform the public and businesses about the day center and how they could support the cause. We allocated resources earmarked for communication of our products and projects, and given the pandemic, communicated entirely in digital channels. Through remarketing we reached the right people in our ecosystem and made awareness many times greater than positioning in the points of sale. We used our website, FB page with over 1.7 mln. followers, advertising in business print and online outlets, banners, wallpaper, parallax and PR communication with the foundation. An example of effectiveness: from just 1 campaign for 10 days in January we had 200,000 impressions and 60% CTR (clickthrough rate). The total value of support together with communications and ad campaigns exceeds BGN 70,000.

Project Results

We are happy that with our support for the construction of the early childhood development center we contribute to the local community and the children in Plovdiv. "Thanks to the contribution of Schneider Electric and other socially responsible companies, in March we will complete renovation work on the 3rd floor which started in Oct. 2020. With the joint efforts of many people and companies that realize the social importance of early childhood development and investment in kids, we will be able to create the complex in Plovdiv and give a flying start to more than 1000 children a year", Dr. Ivanka Shalapatova said. In the current situation the implementation of such projects is a huge challenge and we are happy that with the efforts of our team we were able to support this worthy cause.