Project - Етикет със съобщение за разделно събиране



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

Plastic - one of the most common materials in the modern world, offers humanity many opportunities, but also challenges. Its functionality and convenience give competitive advantages over a number of other materials, but mass usage puts the planet at risk of excessive pollution. At the same time, it has a lower carbon footprint than most alternatives. Companies that use plastic for product packaging have been the subject of frequent criticism, although they are only part of a long equation of factors. We know that the plastic used for our bottles does not endanger nature when properly handled and collected separately and sent for recycling to the right place.

Project Target Group

Our project is for everyone. We put a special logo on the labels of DEVIN Spring and DEVIN Mineral, which reminds consumers at every purchase and every sip of the role that each of us has to be responsible. In this "dialogue" with consumers, the new logo reminds, helps and encourages the separate collection of bottles. An activity that we have the ambition to turn into a sustainable habit of our million users and to achieve a significant result in the name of nature and environmental protection.

Project Duration

Our commitment in the long run is that all our products and advertising communication have a message for separate collection. We started in April 2020 and the logo is already at all our products of spring and mineral water. We will encourage this responsible behavior not only through our products, but also by supporting many different campaigns and activities in the name of nature and environmental protection, united under the communication platform "Let's return the gesture of nature".

Project Activities

We created a special logo. Created in the colors of the ocean and the earth, it resembles both a bottle, an infinity sign and an hourglass. This trinity is a symbol to remind us of individual responsibility and the possibility of rational use of natural resources. We want to draw attention to the fact that the consumption of natural water is communication with nature, and consumers can be its modern heroes, making sure that the plastic is collected separately and recycled, instead of remaining in the environment. This symbol is here with the message that just as a natural cycle takes place in nature, so we must take care to complete the cycle that our products go through. To do so successfully, we count on everyone who enjoys the DEVIN natural mineral and spring waters to follow us on this mission.

Project Results

A survey conducted by GfK in September 2020 showed that 39% of beverage consumers noticed the Devin Izvorna logo and 41% the Devin Mineral logo. The initial target was 15%. The placement of the logo on the label also led to a significant increase of 12% in the share of people who perceive Devin as a company that is socially responsible and cares about the environment.