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Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

We believe that preserving nature should be one of our most important priorities. Thus, we want to help people to become more creative, engaged, productive, work better in a team and be more successful, while also being eco-friendly. We are always witnessing how the learning materials used by children, students, learning adults and employees are not enough innovative, engaging, convenient and most of all eco-friendly. Our solution to this problem is a product we offer, which is entirely new to the Bulgarian market – the creative, practical and eco-friendly erasable notebook – Kreatino.

Project Target Group

This product can be used in different spheres of education and business. The main benefit is that it allows children and adults to use just 1 notebook for their needs, instead of wasting multiple notebooks, while also being more creative and productive. The notebooks also allow you to quickly share notes (e.g. 1 person removes a page from their notebook and attaches it to another’s notebook).

Project Duration

We are developing this product for almost a two years. We have been pushing sales and doing marketing campaigns since the last 3 months.

Project Activities

So far, we have 5 different types of covers, which are attached in this application. And we just started to offer in A6 format mini notebook. In the last 3 months, we’ve created more than 500 notebooks and sold most of them to different end users and corporate customers in Bulgaria.

Project Results

Just 1 Kreatino notebook can save up to 1000 paper pages, because our pages are erasable and durable. Till now we have sold up to 2000 notebooks and have several corporate customers. Our product has been recognized as a winner the competition “Innovative Company of the Year 2020”, category Green Innovation of the Year (