Project - Hyatt Regency Sofia



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

As a global hospitality company serving our communities, Hyatt is committed to reimagining our business toward a more sustainable future— for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our sustainability goals are focused on key outcomes in areas in which we believe we could have the greatest impact: • reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water use intensities • diverting waste • purchasing responsibly by choosing more sustainable product alternatives • collaborating with hotel developers to design, build, and renovate more efficient, lower impact hotels • innovating and inspiring to help address complex environmental challenges and drive change

Project Target Group

The target group of the project are the guests, visitors and employees of Hyatt Regency Sofia.

Project Duration

The construction of the building, which embodies and fully meets all modern international standards of quality and safety characteristic of the Hyatt brand, lasts three years. The hotel officially opened doors on September 1, 2020.

Project Activities

The hotel has a modern high-tech solution for individual control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in each room with optimal energy consumption. The system detects unnecessary energy consumption and warns consumers about irrational use. This makes Hyatt Regency Sofia a highly efficient building, managed by innovative technologies. The luminaires are of the highest class, guaranteeing maximum visual comfort and minimum operating costs. For air conditioning in the hotel premises are installed highly efficient heat pump water cooling units, air chambers with rotary recuperative heat exchangers, meeting the highest European standards (ERP 2018). The presence of a guest in the hotel room is detected without the need to place a card in the designated place. The hotel room management system provides this functionality through sensors and a sophisticated logic algorithm, while providing the necessary energy savings as well as the activation of automated scenarios when a guest enters the room.

Project Results

We use Hyatt EcoTrack to track sustainability metrics including greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste, and recycling. Lights are turned on in meeting rooms only when needed. Our daily operational reports are used to effectively schedule heating and cooling needs. We change linens every third day unless requested otherwise, and guests may choose to reuse towels by leaving them hanging. Plastic straws are not used. Water served in carafes/glass bottles is the default offering for meetings and events. We organize hybrid events to reduce carbon footprint. Food is sourced from local suppliers where possible, supporting organic options and options with a low environmental impact. We use takeaway containers made from recyclable materials.