Project - Energy for the future



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

In our long-term education strategy Energy for the Future we put effort to prepare young professionals for the challenges of the sector. We help and work to adapt the product of education according to the needs of the energy business. We apply a long-term policy for professional and personal development of school and university students. In the context of the rapid development of technology and the pandemic in 2020, we focused on the digital transformation of our educational initiatives. We developed and introduced a new educational website and newsletter, as well as digital lessons and practices in secondary and higher education. By applying an innovative approach in our long-term partnership, we have reached a larger and more diverse audience of teachers, students and parents.

Project Target Group

We actively work for the students who have chosen the Energy profile, we improve the training of their teachers, and we take care of the awareness of the parents. We guarantee continuity and development of students in technical specialties. Representatives of university career centers, regional inspectorates of education and the Ministry of Education and Science also contribute to the development and implementation of initiatives. In 2020, a target group of 1087 people was reached.

Project Duration

CEZ has been developing projects in the field of education since 2012. Over the years we have developed our initiatives in 3 areas - primary, secondary and higher education. Their number increased to 12 in 2020 from 9 in 2019. The focus in 2020 was on the digital transformation and reaching a larger audience. The updates are the digital practices and lessons, the newsletter and online events in the Week of Opportunities, incl. round table with representatives of the Ministry and high schools

Project Activities

Career counseling for 6th grade to increase interest in energy Become a CEZ Fellow for students from vocational high schools Become a CEZ Fellow for Orphans - a social scholarship for students with the Sirak Foundation Newsletter and website Energy for the Future ( - start in 2020 with publications on educational initiatives and professions at CEZ Dual training - partnership with 4 vocational high schools Opportunity Week is a continuation of the Open Days. In 2020 it was held in partnership with the European Week of Professional Skills Round table for principals and teachers - discussion of cooperation, curricula, exchange of experience Classrooms in partner high schools - support through renovation and equipment of classrooms CEZ Academy - aimed at students with an electrical profile to gain confidence in choosing a profession Become a CEZ Fellow for Students CEZ internship program - since 2008 we support vocational and higher education. Some of the participants are already strong professionals, and some hold leadership positions Digital lessons - from 2020 we support online learning through video lessons and educational films

Project Results

The participants in CEZ's educational initiatives are competitive on the labor market due to the good professional training, which helps them build their abilities. More than 400 pupils who participated in the educational initiatives study at universities. Over 80% of the interns at CEZ are hired through the education initiatives and 11% of them are employed on full time contracts. We support 13 vocational high schools for the introduction of a dual form of education as a good practice for improving the training of young professionals. In 2020, 25 students from 4 vocational high schools work and study simultaneously in a dual form of education. 9 of the graduates are employed as interns, 6-on a permanent employment contract. We are training and developing 70 CEZ fellows