Project - Working and Social Integration of disabled people project



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

Working habits integration of disadvantaged person.

Project Target Group

Integration of working habits of disadvantaged person.

Project Duration

The employee has been working for 6 years now. The last three years she has been doing her everyday job without constant supervisor's observation. The staff member starts taking new responsibilities as serving in and out food for the staff canteen, cleaning the place and sanitation of kitchen area.

Project Activities

All hotel employees are turning purpose attention to the hotel employee, talking to her all the time, so she can feel among friends. This aims to help her for her social and mental development. The employee took part in many team buildings and outside hotel projects, together with her sister.

Project Results

We consider the employee to be successfully integrated in the social and work environment of the hotel. The employee is working in the hotel for six years and she gradually starts to talk and pronounce many words correctly. She can already go shopping on her own, use public transport and she is looking after her pet by herself. After the 3rd year the employee is working without direct supervisor and is given wider responsibilities to serve the hotel cantina food.