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Project description

Project Aim

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought us the first lockdown. Access to medical help, education, and child care was shut off. A lot of us had to rethink our careers or pivot a business. There was no help available to manage fears and anxieties, take care of ourselves or our families. The media provided pandemic information but it was getting increasingly difficult to find answers to our personal questions and challenges. We had to quickly learn to do everything differently. The goal of “The Experts Advice” is to allow users to freely access experts in various areas in order to get individual answers to their specific questions.

Project Target Group

With “The Experts Advice” we are aiming to reach all Bulgarians with internet access, coping with the consequences of COVID-19. According to recent data, more than 1 million users visit BG-Mamma monthly. We provided all of them with the opportunity to submit their questions to the experts participating in the project and receive personalized advice. This also includes all company employees.

Project Duration

Since the start of BG-Mamma we have been focused on providing a platform for constructive communication, supporting users in the process of providing help for each other. “The Experts Advice” is a natural next step in that mission. The campaign is focused on providing help and care for our community managing the consequences of the pandemic. At present, the project has evolved as a permanent section on BG-Mamma and we are working on its further development.

Project Activities

The main activity of the project was personal consultations carried free of charge by all the experts. Each one of them was provided with a dedicated discussion thread on BG-Mamma. In order to increase the effectiveness, we provided all experts with training on successful online communication. Our marketing campaign had two pillars: 1. We shot 6 interviews on the hottest topics of interest based on questions from our audience that journalists Anna Tsolova and Miroluba Benatova carried out with prominent figures such as: Dr. Alexander Simidchiev - pulmonologist and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association Air for Health Denitsa Satcheva - Minister of Labor and Social Policy Darin Madzharov - founder of, a video platform for education Dr. Rada Markova - a specialist in Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology Dr. Stoycho Katzarov - Chairman of The Center for Protection of the Rights in the Healthcare Jenya Georgieva - a psychotherapist 2. PR coverage Our campaign was featured in,, the NGO in Bulgaria portal among others. All PR and marketing activities were carried out without financial support.

Project Results

From the start in the end of March, until the end of 2020 over 159,000 people received expert advice on BG-Mamma. Over 7,000 questions were asked and answered on the consultation discussion threads, which received over 740,000 pageviews. Users on BG-Mamma spent on average 2x more time on the pages of “The Experts Advice”, compared to other categories on the site. We are convinced that the data proves the value of the project. Our efforts on “The Experts Advice” in 2021 continue to bring new audiences to the project.