Project - Human Capital Strategy for building high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement during the Covid-19 crisis


Philip Morris Bulgaria EOOD


Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

In 2020 in order to achieve one of the most important elements of the company’s HR strategy – maintenance and further development of high-level employees’ satisfaction and engagement, a thorough Human Capital Strategy was built to cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis. Shaping a new internal culture our strategy was developed by the whole organization and included four areas: 1. Capturing most of the learning and development needs of our employees we implemented tailor-made leadership trainings and educated the whole organization on how to better understand the consumer’s needs and preferences 2. Building a holistic Employee Engagement Program 3. Developing a meaningful Wellbeing Program 4. Ensuring safe and healthy working environment

Project Target Group

Philip Morris Bulgaria employs approximately 100 employees, who are dedicated to one mission – to build a Smoke-Free Future. Our strategy aimed to improve the working conditions and to implement relevant policies and practices for all these 100 employees in Bulgaria.

Project Duration

The program started at the beginning of 2020 and all activities were organized throughout the whole year. As our strategy is part of long-term efforts and goals for employee engagement, which are revised each year, we plan to continue developing the four areas specified above in 2021 as well.

Project Activities

1. Developing leadership capabilities with Leadership Boost training and building consumer-centric trainings,a new global learning platform was implemented with global and local learning assets available for use by our local team. 2. Building an Employee Engagement Program by a cross-functional team including activities such as reviewing and rebuilding the company onboarding and recognition processes stepping on the employees’ feedback collected through surveys and interviews. 3. Wellbeing Program was created with three main pillars: Mental,Physical and Financial Wellbeing of our employees.During 2020 we organized 21 activities–such as virtual webinars,implementation of EAP,which promotes Mental Wellbeing, and implementation of Volunteering Procedure,which grants additional days paid leave for volunteering,that gives an opportunity to support our community. 4. Enhanced health and safety measures as a response to the spread of Covid-19.A committee of employees was established to monitor the epidemic situation and propose relevant actions.At the end of 2020,PMBG gave the opportunity to its employees to upgrade their home office by providing them with additional financial support.

Project Results

Our comprehensive Human Capital Strategy and the different employee engagement initiatives have led to consistently increasing level of the Employees Net Promoting Score (eNPS) which shows the successful implementation of all of the above described programs and initiatives in 2020. The Company traditionally organizes employee engagement surveys on a yearly basis followed by deep analysis of the results. We measure 8 different dimensions of the eNPS and follow-up with Pulse surveys once or twice annually. The management of the company transparently shares the results with the employees and follows-up with focus groups established initiatives and action plan aiming to act upon the areas identified as pain points.