Project - “Summer for Joy, Autumn for Care”


Philip Morris Bulgaria EOOD


Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

The program “Summer for joy,Autumn for care ” aims to provide various social and age groups in 5 tobacco growing regions of Bulgaria activities and support as needed. In 2020, the program was held for the sixth consecutive year and the main goal was to adapt local communities to the new situation by developing the potential of children of different age groups for independent and group learning, creating opportunities for innovative education and teaching methods for teachers ; improving the immune system of the elderly by providing antiviral drugs and vitamins, as well as creating opportunities for economic development and growth of the regions by promoting entrepreneurship and family business.

Project Target Group

Тhe target population is residents of small towns and villages in 5 regions of Bulgaria - Blagoevgrad, Kardzhali, Silistra, Haskovo and Shumen: children aged 7-13 years; teachers and indirectly their communities; elderly people 65+ years old; economically active people. Beneficiaries were selected after a careful needs assessment, including a survey of the demographic profile of the population.

Project Duration

The program is held for the 6th consecutive year (starting in July and ending its activities in January the following year),and is an example of a sustainable initiative,which managed to be realized even in the difficult due to Covid-19 2020.In accordance with the company's policy PMB is committed to implement,develop and expands the program in the long run,increasing each year the number and scope of activities,the settlements where it takes place, the participants and the financial investment.

Project Activities

In 2020 the program was held for the 6th time in a row despite the continuing epidemic situation but with an adapted content for each of the pillars of the program. -At the end of July, the summer academy for children was launched in a new way - through a specially created online platform, the instructors from the Future Now Community Center reached virtually children, parents and teachers. A printed edition of the interactive "Adventure Diary" was distributed to children, and through games, creative tasks and challenges aims to provoke their interest in scientific and social topics. This new format aims to teach children autonomy and independence, to improve their technical and social skills online. -Teacher academies focused on new teaching methods in 1st grade. -The Academy for Local Entrepreneurs targeted new entrepreneurs in these regions, but supported with guidance and existing participants to better cope with the consequences of the growing economic crisis. -To meet the needs of the elderly in an emergency, the BCause Foundation provided antiviral drugs and nutritional supplements.

Project Results

For PMB it is important that the program activities were successfully adapted and this enabled the program to show that it is truly sustainable, which can survive even in times of pandemic. The concrete results are related to improving the performance of students and teachers in the educational process, improving the health status of the elderly and creating opportunities for people with business ideas. Since the beginning of the program in 2015, in the 5 tobacco-producing regions where the program takes place, nearly 9,000 people have participated in various activities: approximately 2,300 children in over 80 summer academies, 6,400 adults in over 8,000 specialized medical examinations and over 250 local entrepreneurs benefited from participating in nearly 200 consultations.