Project - Rehabilitation, integration, equality



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

To provide an inclusive work environment and to improve the quality of life for employees of Stopanski Deinosti KCM OOD, by providing free rehabilitation. The project is a natural reaction of the company to the specific needs of the people with settlements. Stopanski Deinosti KCM OOD is the only enterprise in Bulgaria, established by a private holding company to provide employment to people from KCM 2000 GROUP, who have temporarily or permanently lost their ability to work. It is created according to the accepted culture of diversity in the workplace and based on the care to find the most suitable work environment for everyone, according to his abilities. The number of the company is 100 people, 50 of them are people with disabilities, 39 of them with permanent disabilities.

Project Target Group

Employees of Stopanski Deinosti KCM OOD with varying degrees of disability

Project Duration

All year round

Project Activities

1. Preparation of a schedule for visiting "Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation" - Velingrad. 2. Organization of the stay: - Two double rooms are reserved all year round for the employees to Stopanski Deinosti KCM OOD - The stay for each worker is regulated for up to 7 days a year. - The stay, food and procedures are fully covered by the company. 3. Providing 4 individual rehabilitation and healing procedures per day, appointed by a rehabilitator, according to the specifics of the diseases: balneotherapy, kinesitherapy, thermotherapy, laser therapy, a full range of physiotherapy procedures. 4. Providing a doctor 24 hours a day.

Project Results

We perceive people with disabilities in the company as an economically active human resource with health problems. For more than 18 years we have been building an inclusive and integrated work environment for our employees. During this period, 42 people were employed in companies from KCM 2000 GROUP and moved to Stopanski Deinosti KCM OOD - 12 of them returned to their old jobs, which is a good indicator of the conditions and care we provide. Providing rehabilitation for workers is another step towards their inclusion. Healing procedures support not only their physical, but also their mental and emotional status - after returning to work they feel more meaningful, useful and stimulated. Separately, a holiday in a resort town like Velingrad expands their social contacts.