Project - Donation campaign “When times are tough, help matters most” and sales of products for the "Ole Male" cause



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

At the end of 2020 FANTASTICO and the “Maiko Mila” Foundation launched a second joint donation campaign supporting the “Ole Male” cause. This social enterprise helps mothers of children with disabilities work and earn an income. The campaign aimed to financially support the social enterprise so that it can continue to develop and enable more mothers of children with disabilities to work and be financially independent. For the second year in a row, the retail chain provided retail space in its supermarkets to sell items handmade by mothers of children with disabilities (toys, face masks, etc.). FANTASTICO provided access to over 100,000 customers daily and gave social entrepreneurship a chance in a year of global crisis due to the spread of COVID-19.

Project Target Group

The main group who benefitted from the project is mothers of children with disabilities who cannot have an active lifestyle and are at risk of physical, financial and emotional isolation. To support them, FANTASTICO retail chain supports the “Ole Male” social enterprise by providing them with the opportunity to sell handmade products and by organising a donation campaign in all its 43 supermarkets in Sofia, Bankya, Elin Pelin and Kyustendil.

Project Duration

The “When times are tough, help matters most” campaign took place between 10.12.2020 - 06.01.2021. Everyone had the opportunity to support the cause by donating at least BGN 1, without this being tied to a purchase. Throughout the year, FANTASTICO also sells items handmade by mothers of children with disabilities. The firm is a leader among the major retail chains in Bulgaria in its support for social entrepreneurship, and currently supports the organisations Margaritka, Caritas, TimeHeroes.

Project Activities

The use of several communication tools, consultations with sales experts and daily analysis are some of the factors that made the charity initiative in support of “Ole Male” successful. These strategies helped the success of the products with a cause in FANTASTICO supermarkets. A team of experienced traders, marketers, PR experts, copywriters, graphic designers created video content, photos, visual elements, texts for communication activities: ● Promotion of the cause in the digital channels of the partners - websites, the social media channels of FANTASTICO, "Maiko Mila" and "Ole Male" (the digital channels of the foundation alone reached an audience of over 1,300,000 people) ● Print advertising - brochures ( 400 000 per week ), posters, shelf wobblers, etc. ● Radio advertising in all FANTASTICO supermarkets ● Media participation by the partners from "Maiko Mila" - BNT, and others

Project Results

BGN 148,062 were donated by the clients of FANTASTICO within the second joint campaign of the retail chain and the "Maiko Mila" foundation in support of the social enterprise “Ole Male” created by the foundation. The funds raised from the charity initiative will enable more mothers to join the “Ole Male” project, provide training for them, and invest in materials that will make their handmade items even more beautiful and desirable. In 2020 FANTASTICO sold protective masks and Christmas toys from "Ole Male" worth BGN 92,335 (data as of 31.12.2020). For comparison, in 2019 the sales of toys alone were worth BGN 13,220.