Project - Social responsibility policy and sustainable development



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The following priorities are included in Lidl's social responsibility strategy: • Investing in causes and policies that leave a positive mark and make life more fulfilling. Thus, with each of its actions, the company declares its commitment to a better tomorrow. • Striving for continuous improvement of quality, efficiency and achieving sustainability in every process, at every level. It is important for Lidl to do business in a responsible and sustainable way, with care for employees, the environment and society. • Initiating and supporting causes and projects with one main goal - to support society and contribute to its better future and fullfilling life.

Project Target Group

Direct and indirect beneficiaries of the company's CSR policy are employees, customers, business partners and local communities. Lidl reaches all stakeholders through various activities and programs tailored to meet the needs of different groups.

Project Duration

Lidl believes in transparent communication with both customers and other stakeholders. To help its customers understand more about Lidl’s commitment to responsible behavior and sustainability, the company released its second Sustainability Report in 2020 (, and additionally published official sustainability purchase statements. ( In them, the company presents its vision and the specific measures it takes.

Project Activities

Projects and donations (2020): 01 Lidl, in partnership with the Parents Association and with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science, launches an initiative for healthy and balanced diet. It aims to present the topic of balanced eating in school in a fun and interesting way. As a result, 2 materials were published: a book( and a manual( 09 Lidl executed the 7th edition of Give a Chance to the Balkanka Trout - aims to protect Balkan trout from extinction. In 7 years, 31 rivers were stocked with Balkan trout. The actions involeved also cleaning of the areas around the rivers: 25 km were cleaned. 12 Lidl publishes its second Sustainability Report. In it, Lidl notes its progress on the 20 important topics for stakeholders and itself. They cover all stages of the value chain. The report has been prepared in accordance with GRI Standards and has been audited by an independent auditor - Ernst & Young. Donations for the period 01.03.2020 - 10.12.2020 - over BGN 156 thousand, of which BGN 150,000 were donated for the realization of a Joint donation of Lidl and Kaufland, worth BGN 300,000 for the purchase of 8 respirators.

Project Results

By implementing long-term and sustainable projects in support of the company's main CSR pillars, Lidl has been able to reach a variety of stakeholders, striving to contribute to a better and more fulfilling lifestyle for people from different country regions.