Project - Questers Giving Programme



Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

In 2020 (as during the last 8 years), Questers Giving Programme was focused on improving the quality of education in Bulgaria. In the heart of the programme is our belief that good education is the key to the development of our society as well as its economic growth. Therefore, in 2020 we continued working for a positive change in the Bulgarian schooling system and supporting alternative educational projects. Occasionally we supported other social, health and green initiatives.

Project Target Group

The target audiences of the programme could be defined as follows: - Students with low motivation from less densely populated towns and villages - Passionate students with deep interests in science and IT - Motivated young girls with potential and interests in the field of international relations

Project Duration

The Giving Programme is active all year round for more than 12 years now. Throughout the years, we’ve been collaborating with organisations such as “Teach for Bulgaria”, “Muzeiko”, “Vratsa Software”, “Rails Girls Bulgaria”, “CoderDojo Bulgaria” and many others.

Project Activities

- Supporting the charity quiz “QuizIT”, organised by “Teach for Bulgaria” (on Questers’ initiative) in support of their work. - Financial donation to “Ambassador for a day”, an initiative by the British embassy in Sofia, that allows young girls to experience the work of an Ambassador and acquire practical skills in communication and diplomacy. - Supporting the project of the interactive educational centre “Muzeiko” – “The Mud Garden”. - Supporting the annual hackathon “Hack Vratsa”, which aims to attract talented students and encourage them to develop their potential. - Covering 2 tuition fees for students in the “Vratsa Software” academy. - Donation to club “S.K.O.R.E.C.” in the Faculty of biology at the Sofia University. - In 2020 we also supported few social, health and green initiatives: “Time Heroes” – a platform encouraging volunteering, “Together for Rozino” foundation – two campaigns in support of elderly people and students from the village, “Zhalti stotinki” – initiative for providing medical equipment for hospitals in various towns, “Animal Rescue” and “Redom” foundation – two organizations working with injured and stray animals.

Project Results

-The donation to “QuizIT” and the raised amount from the event itself will contribute to “Teach for Bulgaria”’s cause for better education. -Through “Ambassador for a day”, 18 girls visited Vienna and met with diplomats from the UN and OSCE. -“Muzeiko” used the donation to build “The Mud Garden", an open area designed to encourage children's development through playing with natural materials. -“HackVratsa” 2020 attracted 10 teams that developed IT projects in the fields of health care and social and community services. -The donation to “Vratsa Software” will help 2 students from the region to graduate from the academy and develop in the IT sector. -The donation to club “S.K.O.R.E.C.” supported its members in applying scientific knowledge in practice through expeditions and discussions