Project - Give the Balkan trout a chance



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

Lidl Bulgaria sets the beginning of Give the Balkan Trout a Chance in 2013. Its goal is to preserve the biodiversity in the Bulgarian rivers and more specifically one of the most endangered species in Europe – the Balkan trout. The initiative aims also at cleaning the areas around the rivers.

Project Target Group

The target group are Lidl’s employees, as well as local citizen and volunteers from anglers’ clubs. The benefits from this project include raising the Balkan trout’s population, cleaning the areas around the rivers, educating the local citizen, encouragement of volunteering and taking care of the environment. In 2020 more than 100 volunteers took part in the initiative and in total – more than 600, who we reach by communication through local municipalities, media, social media and our partners.

Project Duration

Lidl Bulgaria is aware of the impact of its operations and aims at investing in initiatives that leave a positive mark in the society, help the fulfilling life of the people and take care of the environment. Give the Balkan Trout a Chance is a key and long-term initiative – for 7 years volunteers and partners invest also their personal efforts, beside the financial investment by the company. During the past few years the initiative took place at the rivers Chaya, Vycha, Erma, Iskar.

Project Activities

During Give the Balkan Trout a Chance in 2020, 30 000 fish were released in the Iskar river and more than 100 volunteers joined the initiative – Lidl Bulgaria’s employees and their families, members and volunteers from Balkanka association, as well as local citizen from Samokov. Before the releasing took place, the volunteers also cleaned about 10 km alongside the river near Samokov, Zlokuchane and Dragushinovo. The cleaning prevents waste to enter the rivers, as the Balkan trout is very vulnerable in rivers that are polluted or without enough oxygen. Lidl sent out an invitation to all the employees from the nearby stores in Sofia, Samokov, Pazardzhik, Dupnitsa, as well the the Ravno pole logistics center and the headquarters of the company to volunteer in the event. Balkanka Association with the help of the Municipality of Samokov also invited local citizen and anglers associations from the region. After the event the results were announced via a press release, as well as in the social media pages of the company and Balkanka association.

Project Results

As a result of the initiative in 2020, 30 000 Balkan trouts were bred in the Iskar river, leading to a total of 380 000 trouts bred in 31 rivers during all issues of Give the Balkan Trout a Chance from 2013 until 2020. According to Balkanka Association, which is the official partner of the initiative since 2013, this makes Lidl one of the biggest investors in preserving the biodiversity and the population of the Balkan trout in Bulgaria. By updating the initiative with cleaning activities, more than 35 km alongside the rivers were cleaned and more than 600 volunteers have joined the initiative in total.