Project - "Being Healthier" Program




Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

This year, more than ever, our focus has been on health. The pandemic situation has put on trial not only our physical but also our mental health. SAP’s health initiatives are focused on taking care of the lives, health, safety and well-being of the employees – various and easily accessible.

Project Target Group

An internal project is aimed at all 1000 employees. The information for the different activities is being regularly communicated and is available at an internal health portal page all the time. The ongoing activities are reminded of within the health section of the weekly bulletin of the company.

Project Duration

SAP Global Health & Safety Policy is an integral part of SAP’s long-term commitment to sustainability and among these policies is the CSR Policy. Goals of the Health & Safety Policy are to ensure occupational safety, well-being, and stress-management topics for employees’ long-term employability.

Project Activities

Health Ambassador: organizes a variety of health-related lectures and events throughout the whole year. Health Portal: everything health-related is shared there - events, health lectures recordings, articles, initiatives, etc. Medical checks: the standard, for Bulgaria, medical checks in SAP are much more extended as scope and within an appropriate period, with detailed feedback and high quality. Open for all employees – each year and aiming early prevention. Influenza vaccination campaign: on voluntary basis. Mental health committee: meets regularly to discuss the needs of colleagues and the organization of different mental health related activities – online workouts, health lectures, steps and movement challenges. Employee Assistance Program: 24/7 completely confidential psychological, legal and financial consultations for the employees and their families. Multisport cards and additional health insurance.

Project Results

10 initiatives, 68 events, 2376 participants in total. Online workouts: 200+ participants, 48 workouts, 2 trainers. Steps challenges: 2 local, 170 participants. Health lectures: ~300 participants. Corporate relay: 4 teams of 4 people each, 1st place men and women. Charity run: 1 team of 10 people. Medical checks: 635 people have passed the checks. Influenza vaccination: 200 people got vaccinated. Employee Assistance Program: intense usage.