Project - “Meet and Code” Program




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Project description

Project Aim

Meet and Code initiative aims at children and youngsters between 8 and 24 years old for them to enter the world of technology and programming in a fun way in organized and financed by SAP special events. Our goal with the events is for the youngsters to understand how fun the programming can be and how it can be used to make different ideas go live. We expect them to understand how the information technologies are developing and what influence they have on life.

Project Target Group

Meet and Code is for youngsters between 8 and 24 years old. The goal is that they get to know the bright spectrum of technological topics and to be motivated to develop the needed digital skills for being professionally successful. Participants are schools, community centers, computer clubs and NGOs.

Project Duration

SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has 3 strategic pillars that foster digital inclusion and create opportunity for all people by: 1. Building digital skills; 2. Connecting employees with purpose; 3. Accelerating best-run non-profits. The program is directly correlated to pillar 1.

Project Activities

Meet and Code promotes the technology as part of European Programming Week, by funding events and civil society initiatives within € 300 for each event. In addition, event organizers receive support through resources available from Inspiration Library. In 2020, a total of 89 initiatives were funded, involving 2,500 children and young people from 19 villages and towns in the country. The 2020 events were completely virtual and in different formats: hackathons, programming seminars, lectures, competitions, programming nights, robotics classes, and more. Some examples: “Intelligent schools with micro:bit” from Black sea center of excellence in Dobrich region, “Program children stories” by foundation Taratanci, “Girls program games and robots” from organization Bokaya. Many of the initiatives provide access of underserved youth and girls to IT education, give ideas to preserve the planet and develop additional social ideas.

Project Results

In 2020, 89 initiatives were implemented, involving 25,00 children and young people from 19 villages and cities in the country. They enabled young people to learn more about programming, but also to code for the first time. These are the skills that young people will need to have in order to be able to further develop as professionals. The results are best seen through the eyes of the participants themselves. Some of their stories can be found at