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Project description

Project Aim

IT Talents is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2013 as an initiative of Imperia Online in order to create a large set of well-qualified staff in the IT Industry. The course lasts an average of 5 months, and candidates go through several interviews. The training is completely free and its purpose is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge at the highest level, offering a career start to the graduates. For 7 years it has been helping to increase the number of IT specialists in the country and stimulating the Bulgarian IT industry - one of the fastest growing sectors. We want to change Bulgaria and prove that there are also capable and competitive programmers with world-class knowledge.

Project Target Group

IT Talents strives to contribute to the growth of the young people in Bulgaria. Successful graduates receive the opportunity to work on a contract in leading IT companies in Bulgaria. Each year, 150 cadets successfully graduate from the academy in various age groups. They are suitable for people with little experience, as well as for those who are yet to enter the sector. The camp registers more than 2,000 candidates per season, of which about 150 are allowed to start intensive 5-month courses.

Project Duration

The application is done by filling in a short registration form, and the duration of the course usually lasts 5 months. The groups are divided into several 25 people. The form of training is generally on site, but is currently conducted online.

Project Activities

The programming languages ​​taught are PHP Web, Java EE & JavaScript. JavaScript studies basic program constructions, basic algorithms and data structures. Attention is also paid to basic WEB technologies, also intensive study of HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, AJAX and HTTP protocol. The second part teaches object-oriented programming, as well as famous libraries React JS. Knowledge of HTML and CSS will be deepened by studying responsive design methodologies, Less, Sass and others. The first part of Java EE studies basic program constructions. Serious attention is paid to object-oriented programming and other Core Java technologies such as Threads, Exceptions, Collections. The second part presents databases, working with files, MVC template for design and creating Web applications. Special attention is also paid to the Spring Framework. In the first part of the PHP course basic program constructions are studied - while the second studies HTML, CSS and basic web programming - HTTP protocol, forms, sessions and cookies. After comes databases and object-oriented programming. Last part of the course, full-stack course projects are developed, where the acquired knowledge will be applied.

Project Results

For the last 7 years we have successfully trained and assisted in the implementation of over 750 programmers working in the IT industry in our country. Among the main advantages of the program are: completely free training, lack of requirements for experience and knowledge in the field and the opportunity to start working after completing the course. This way you can become qualified with IT Talents only within 4 months! Over 90 companies have received 600+ new employees in 5 years, and more than 100 have joined Imperia Online itself so far. The success rate of our cadets is 98%. Immediately after graduation, they start working as programmers, and specifically the cadets with Java - 100% of them start working immediately.