Project - Free training during the global crisis



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

In 2020, the world was shaken by an unexpected situation. No one was prepared to respond adequately to what was happening, but those who managed to succeed relied mainly on the digitalization of their business and projects. SoftUni offered a solution for the rest - the people which weren't able to find an answer to keep their business or job. The projects “Free training during a pandemic” (hereinafter referred to as PROJECT 1) and “A free training path for the unemployed during a pandemic” (PROJECT 2) offer completely free training in some of the most key modern areas, in which extends the main expertise of our teachers - digital marketing, design and programming.

Project Target Group

Target group for PROJECT 1 - the courses are suitable for anyone who is interested in upgrading existing or gaining entirely new skills in three of the most promising areas today. PROJECT 2 - it is aimed entirely at the unemployed due to the crisis. The aim is to help all those affected find new jobs in areas that are not affected by the pandemic. We reached candidates through campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and email marketing.

Project Duration

The implementation of PROJECTS 1 and 2 took a month each. We adjusted our ready-made programs to serve the needs of two target groups close to our regular audience. The process of communicating and providing assistance to students lasted over 3 months after the start of the programs. The social responsibility of SoftUni is aimed towards providing an opportunity to improve the skills and competencies of all newcomers, turning them into valuable highly qualified personnel.

Project Activities

With PROJECT 1 and PROJECT 2 we reached dozens of online media, which covered our campaigns for free as positive news in a time of crisis. We also sold a total of 2 PR materials to the media, through our media partnerships. We organized and implemented a total of 2 media campaigns in social networks for the two projects separately, as well as we have repeatedly published in our social channels about them. Our projects did not have physical packaging or a specially designed logo, but we made a total of 17 designs for them, which we used on Facebook, Instagram and email marketing. Our cause was supported and shared by the media, influencers, partners, teachers and others, influenced by the response in the media people and institutions.

Project Results

The crisis situation that erupted in 2020 and continues today has confronted our society with a number of obstacles that have put our psychological, physical and social resilience to the test. SoftUni managed to intervene in one of the most painful periods, providing an opportunity to benefit from the situation, namely to invest in the development of our knowledge and skills. We offered some of our already established educational products completely free of charge, and the fact that in less than a month more than 12 thousand people joined, was proof to us that our efforts matter. Thanks to our two projects, people have found working solutions, with which to support the digitalization of their business, and many of them have fully retrained to take on new promising jobs.