Project - Cybersecurity and the dangers of the Internet



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to acquaint young people with the dangers of the Internet and to introduce them to cybersecurity. Students are especially vulnerable on the web, because they are curious and if they do not have the knowledge to defend themselves, they can more easily fall victim to cybercrime. The Internet is the virtual version of the street. Anything that can happen in real life with a teenager left unattended can happen to him during his time on the World Wide Web. The most common risks faced by young people are online peer bullying, pedophilia and financial crime. The training brings lasting results: the development of the ability to recognize what is true and what is not in online communication, protection of privacy, building trust between child and parent / teacher.

Project Target Group

Young people from the vocational high school "Tsar Ivan Asen II" Asenovgrad

Project Duration

1 month - February 2020 "Program for linking vocational education with the needs of KCM 2000 Group of qualified technological and repair personnel" has been implemented for more than 10 years. Modular and external trainings are organized annually for the students from “Tsar Iv. Assen II” Secondary School in the field of cybersecurity, violence prevention, development of soft skills - communication, teamwork, creativity, problem solving, emotional intelligence and etc.

Project Activities

Training preparation: topic selection, lecturer selection, negotiation, organization of the event - time and place, program preparation, feedback and monitoring. In the period 2017-2019, trainings were conducted in the following areas: 2017 1. Training "Student self-government", carried out on the territory of KCM AD, during which students enter the role of auditors under the 5S system. 2. The Road of Metal - a traveling seminar with a visit to the mines of Gorubso Madan. 3. Summer Academy: training cycle "Knowledge, art, sports - WE against aggression" 2018 1. Emotional intelligence and preparation for the first job - 10 months of coaching and training for students in 11th and 12th grade. Topics such as developing potential and creativity, personal values and working with emotions are discussed. It is held for the first time in Bulgaria. 2019 1. “NO to aggression. Our security in the digital world "- training cycle, 2. "Prevention of violence and counteraction to crime", a training cycle of 12 lectures held on site at the high school. 3. "We and our world" - extracurricular form of education 4. "Personal development and preparation for the first job" - modular training

Project Results

The training "The dangers of the Internet. Cybersecurity” is organized in a training cycle of 8 lectures, held at the high school in the presence of the school psychologist, pedagogues and teachers. A total of 195 people, covered by the target group of the project, are covered. Whereas the front door was once a barrier for abusers, social media now allows them to follow their victims into their homes. The training helped to form a well-known internet culture among the participants and to build a trusted relationship with an adult: parent or teacher. The result of the long-term cooperation between KCM AD and "Tsar Ivan Asen II" Secondary School and the established traditions in extracurricular activities, leads to the formation of well-prepared for the world young people.