Project - TexCycle - second life for your clothes



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The project TexCycle has a positive impact for the environmental protection, including the provision of a service for citizens and the development of a communication strategy that aims to arise awareness and change habits. Textile waste is a serious pollutant, which, however, was not paid much attention in Bulgaria. TexCycle offers an easy and convenient way to separate this waste and takes care of the efficient management of the collected materials in accordance with the best practices following the waste management hierarchy. The company take commitment to donate clothing to people in need when the social assistance institutions in the municipalities where it work ask for it.

Project Target Group

The citizens of the municipalities in which it is implemented (a total of over 2 million inhabitants) benefit from the project. They have the opportunity to get rid of their unnecessary clothes in an environmentally friendly way, giving them a second life and to be aware of the environmental impact of this action. On the other hand, this leads to general reducе of landfilled waste in the country and the use of less primary raw materials and energy for the production of new textiles worldwide.

Project Duration

The second-hand clothing business is a circular business model that the company has developed since its establishment. The company works with care for the environment and for years has reached almost zero levels of landfill. TexCycle is the brand through which Eurotex completes its environmental strategy. The project started in 2018 with the positioning of 5 bins and gradually expanded its activities as in 2020 there are over 120 placed bins together with 11 municipalities and other partners.

Project Activities

In 2020, TexCycle has more than 120 containers located in 12 cities in the country. Despite the specific situation during the year, which caused the temporary suspension of the company's sorting center and restrictions on domestic and foreign markets, the company continued to fulfill its commitments under the project and even managed to realize some new opportunities: -established systems in Blagoevgrad and Balchik -expand the systems in Stara Zagora and Sofia -shot and promoted video with topic: what is happen with the unnecessary clothes - agreed to partner with Intersport in the campaign to return old sports shoes - worked in collaboration with Recycle Art Academy - - partnered in the initiative „Bez pari”: - Put bins in the kindergarden and school “Az sam Balgarche”, because the good habits for separate collection have to be built as a child; - Enable Unicredit to provide a bin for employees at its headquarters - actively participates in the discussion of the possibilities for effective management of this waste with ARTSHC an

Project Results

In 2020, the project managed to collect over 1,200 tons of unnecessary clothes and shoes, which shows clearly that there is interest from citizens in it. Through the various communication channels of the company there are constant requests from citizens and municipalities to expand the systems or established such in the cities where there aren’t We observe a growing media interest in textile issues as a potential environmental problem and possible solutions.