Project - We are Musala Soft From #Anywhere



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

The main goal of “We are Musala Soft From #Anywhere” is to maintain corporate unity during the pandemic. The heart of Musala Soft is where we work and have fun, learn and exchange knowledge, celebrate success, overcome difficulties and do good. This is where every Musalenets is - in the office, at home or anywhere. Musala’s professionalism, experience, culture and values have no social status, no hierarchical corporate identity, gender, color, nationality or religious affiliation. We know that each of us is different and each of us has their own superpower. This is Musala Soft, this is us! Youtube/Musala Soft – “We are #MusalaSoft. Episode 1” -; Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 -

Project Target Group

We identified the emotional challenge of EACH COLLEAGUE (500+) in the beginning of the state of emergency. From Day 1 we tackled the transformation of current corporate policies and processes and generated new ones. We added initiatives for balance in the organization of work and personal time and space, psychological support, we upgraded infrastructure and communication. We continued hiring new colleagues, investing in trainings, seminars, events, training projects for career development.

Project Duration

Our mission to develop individual talent, to share values and therefore to beat as one whole, has been the focus of Musala Soft since the company’s creation. This pulse follows our overall internal and external company policy, and in 2020 with even greater force. We partner with the best schools and universities; we are looking for motivated people; we are focused on personality and defining an individual career path; we care and believe in our people.

Project Activities

With the lockdown, 95% of our people - 500+ colleagues from 10 nationalities in 4 offices in Bulgaria and Macedonia - shifted to work from home for 1 day. Among the measures to bring the comfort of the office, as well as our community, at home are: COMMUNICATION- MyMusala(Mobile App), VING(our own solution for video conferencing); even more frequent meetings of everyone with the People Care team in order to keep in touch with each colleague and provide timely assistance. TRANSPARENCY- More meetings with Top Management to share business approaches, customer policies and strategies, vision for future development of our people and the company. BALANCE - We organized online sports activities(20), video fairytales for children(97), daily newsletter WfH Tips&Tricks-1200+ ideas for cooking recipes, virtual trips, concerts. We organized charitable initiatives from a distance. We never stopped caring for our PEOPLE and their families, or be UNITED, although working and having fun remotely. We organized a summer garden party with Stefan Valdobrev - and a Christmas online MFactor Party - with stunning success-with our own host and perf

Project Results

An objective measure of "We are Musala Soft From #Anywhere" are the corporate results. We have new clients, expanded teams for current projects and new technological directions opening with current partners. The results for 2020 are a 2.5-times increase in profit before taxes and a 30% increase in revenue reaching BGN 41 million. A subjective measure is the continuing interest of colleagues to get involved in various formats and types of events - online and outdoors, to share ideas and to be together. We have a close-knit team of people of different genders, nationalities, religions, interests, hobbies, corporate hierarchy and professional skills.