Project - TELUS Days of Giving 2020 #StayGiving



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the volunteer project TELUS Days of Giving 2020 #StayGiving was to help some of the most vulnerable groups of people and their families through volunteering, albeit under anti-epidemic measures. We aimed to help communities negatively affected by the crisis caused by COVID-19, providing financial and moral support that is timely and relevant to their current and future urgent needs. We strived for our employees to be positively engaged to the causes we supported, taking into account their interests, passions and capabilities, and told them real stories of people to help. An invariable goal for us was to provide safe conditions during the volunteering both for the volunteers and for all other participants in the project.

Project Target Group

Over 400 volunteers helped more than 1,000 people nationwide: 750 homeless people; 65 children without by parental care; 50 families with children living in poverty whose parents lost their jobs due to COVID-19; 57 people suffering from severe neurological diseases; 23 children whose close family member suffers from a severe neurological disease; 50 small stray puppies at the Animal Rescue shelter. We supported them through the NGOs that had been helping them for years.

Project Duration

Oct – Dec. We carry out our annual volunteer program, which we hold since 2013, in a new format - in line with the risks and limitations imposed by the spread of COVID-19, proving that corporate volunteering can continue even in these new conditions. Instead of one big event, we relied on a variety of initiatives, including work at home. We engaged over 400 volunteers in support of 6 socially significant causes, contributing to over 6,000 hours of volunteer work.

Project Activities

Main phases: Research the needs of the vulnerable groups; Research of possible volunteer activities in a pandemic situation; Choice of the causes; Preparation; Active communication to engage employees and organize online workshops for making items at home; Volunteering causes and activities: ‘Knit it Forward’, knitting scarves, hats and blankets for about 750 homeless people; ‘For Our Children’ and ‘Light for Life’, help for people suffering from severe neurological diseases and families where parents lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The employees unloaded, sorted, packaged and personally delivered food packages to the homes of those in need - a total of 2 tons; ‘Kids go shopping’, the volunteers went shopping together with 23 children whose family member suffers from a serious illness, necessary clothes, shoes and sports equipment; ‘Backpack Surprise’, the volunteers delighted 65 deprived of parental care children by personalizing backpacks with gifts and clothes provided by the company; ‘Happy dog. Happy life’, our volunteers took for a walk our four-legged friends at the shelter over three weekends, and we donated over 1 ton of raw food and products for 50 stray puppies.

Project Results

Over 1000 people received warmth and support, 3 tons of food donated to families in a tough situation, bringing peace and faith in the future during the hardest months of the year, but not forgetting man's best friend. 65 personalized "backpacks with miracles" for children who we often forget are individuals with their dreams and aspirations. Own cup with their name on - means so much more than we can imagine. Dozens of children and young people who personally chose their own new clothes, inspiring them with the courage that their opinion and sense of the world matter, as long as they believe in themselves. More than 400 truly committed employees and more than 6,000 hours of volunteering during a pandemic proved that the support we provided was timely and relevant. This was the project