Project - “Chaos Group against Covid-19, in partnership with the project #ForGood and BCause Foundation



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Solidarity and understanding that we are all connected as part of the society in which we live and work is the driving force of the project. It is a shared initiative of the management and employees of Chaos Group, in which we mobilized our resources and partnered with the project #ForGood and BCause Foundation. The aim was to raise funds and quickly and efficiently respond to the urgent needs of appliances, protective materials and other supplies, in anticipation of their meeting with COVID-19.

Project Target Group

The main target group includes hospitals, medical staff and patients. In addition to the urgent needs of the large hospitals in Sofia, we addressed smaller hospitals’ needs in the country as well. The secondary target group is the employees of Chaos who we wanted to involve actively.

Project Duration

In the sudden epidemic situation, it was important to act quickly and adequately. We started the project shortly after the declaration of the state of emergency in March. We continued our active work until the end of June 2020.

Project Activities

The project includes: - Clarification of work criterias - we addressed the specific needs of hospitals - Funding - the company donated BGN 200,000, and on the initiative of their colleagues, an internal donation campaign was organized on Another BGN 23,560 were collected there. Colleagues were regularly informed about the goals and current results, and about volunteer initiatives. Logistics support was offered to them. - Purchase and delivery of much-needed equipment, consumables and protective equipment, according to the specific needs of 50 hospitals in the country, in conditions of limited availability. The efficient distribution of funds was possible through the constant contact of Project Zadobroto with hospitals, doctors and suppliers and the flexible way of working. Chaos Group also supported their partners in the education field - 137 universities globally received 5,800 free licenses for computer graphics products worth about BGN 1 million.

Project Results

With the collected BGN 223,560, we provided timely assistance in a crisis moment to 50 hospitals donating9 respirators, repair of 1 used respirator, 5 infusion pumps, 5 medical monitors, 1 ECG machine - for new COVID compartments, 9,300 high-protection masks. When ordering new equipment we took into consideration the timing, the cost-quality efficiency and the easy future maintenance.