Project - Alcohol is a Bad Driver – “The Key is in You”



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

"The key is in you" – shared emotions, shared responsibility is the motto of the campaign "Alcohol is a bad driver" for 2020, which for the 12th year raises the social problem in society for driving after drinking alcohol. The aim of the campaign is to continue the public dialogue on the problem of road safety, informing and engaging the audience with the problem and consequences of driving after drinking alcohol and providing zero tolerance to it. In 2020, the mission of the cause is to show a good example – how we can have fun and share emotions, while showing how important it is to share responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones and never sit behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. When we are on the road, we are responsible for everyone's life – therefore, the key is in us.

Project Target Group

The communication is aimed mainly at young drivers between the ages of 18-25+ who are just developing their driving habits and behavior on the road. It is implemented entirely virtually on social media, due to the nature of the target group and the current situation in which we must be more at home and spend more time online than usual. The whole tone of the campaign is fresh, summery and positive, which mainly young people associate summer with.

Project Duration

The campaign ran for the 12th year and is part of "Our Imprint" - the long-term global policy for sustainable development of the company, the main pillar of which is responsible drinking. As a company that produces and sells alcohol, we feel it is our duty to talk and assist institutions and society in dealing with the problem of driving after drinking alcohol. In all these years, the campaign has attracted many and varied partners who have embraced the cause.

Project Activities

At the heart of the initiative was the specially created song "The key is in you", written and performed by the talented Plovdiv band Le’Push. The work carries the messages of the cause of responsible drinking and responsible driving - "... we must not forget that someone is waiting at home ...", "come home safe and sound" and "not to drive drunk". The word "key" is used both literally (for a car) and as a symbol – we’re the drivers of change. For the first time in its long history, the campaign addresses its messages in this unusual, creative and different way through music – a technique, extremely successful and suitable for reaching the target group of young people. The campaign partners up with some of the most popular influencers for the goal – Nikolaos Tsitiridis and Pavel Kolev and Hristo Stefanov. To reach even more people, special PR shipments with information about the campaign and USB drives in the form of a key, containing the song, were sent to various influencers who embraced the cause and decided to support it completely free of charge by sharing its messages on their social channels.

Project Results

We believe that our messages have reached young people and the following results are proof of this. We received great support from 20 influencers to whom we sent special shipments. They embraced the cause and shared its message completely free of charge through posts and stories on Instagram. YouTube influencers Pavel Kolev and Hristo Stefanov also dedicated a whole 10-minute video to the campaign, which received over 102,000 views. They agreed to do a cameo in the video for the song itself. And the young volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross, together with the influencers, took part in a lip sync challenge, encouraging the audience to create user content based on key verses from the song.