Project - Providing access to quality education for students in the Lovech region



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Since 2013, Titan Zlatna Panega has been working with the Teach For Bulgaria to provide access to quality education for children from underprivileged communities in the municipalities of Yablanitsa, Lukovit and Lovech. The problems that characterize these regions are: early marriages of high school students, as a result of which they do not graduate from school, low literacy and high probability of dropping out of school. The solutions that are implemented are: increasing the opportunity for access to quality education through motivated teachers, developing key skills such as critical thinking, social engagement and academic knowledge. Encourage students not only to complete secondary education but also to study at the university.

Project Target Group

Students in primary and secondary schools in the regions of Yablanitsa, Lukovit and Lovech, as well as their parents. The number of people reached is over 500.

Project Duration

Titan Zlatna Panega seize the need for educated and motivated people to stay in the Lovech region, to work and develop it. Titan supports the alumni of the program and in recent years the partnership has developed, including support for initiatives led by the alumni in the region - Gramotko and School Miracles.

Project Activities

The main activities of the project in the academic school year 2019-2020 are mainly related to recruiting, training and supporting teachers of Teach For Bulgaria and support for events and projects organized by alumni teachers in the field. 1. Support in the implementation of a campaign of Teach For Bulgaria to attract participants in the program; 2. Support to one teacher of the program in the region in the 2019/2020 academic year; 3. Support for initiatives and projects to improve the environment organized by alumni teachers who teach in the community 4. Support for the implementation of basic training activities for new teachers from the program "New Way of Teaching" (Summer Institute and Summer Academy) 5. Support for "School Miracles" and "School for Parents"

Project Results

For 2019-2020, three alumni of Teach For Bulgaria, as well as alumni of the project "School Miracles" are actively working with over 500 students in the region, with the support of Titan Zlatna Panega. The results are measurable: there is progress in parents' understanding and a drop in school dropouts and early marriages. Four children from underprivileged communities, with whom "School Miracles" works in a high school course, graduated successfully and enrolled in higher education. Gramotko project works entirely with children who are basically illiterate. During the Saturday courses, children can catch up with the material. Overall, there is a better understanding of the problem from all parties involved.