Project - Radio and TV Centre (RTC)



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The Aim of the Radio and TV Centre (RTC) Project is to improve the quality of arts education and to augment the practical education by turning the complex into a platform for generating ideas and building a contact network, connecting students, and faculty members and external producers and artists. The cutting-edge Radio and TV Centre, built and equipped to meet the global standards in audio and video content production, continues the established tradition of NBU to combine students’ theoretical and practical training. This creative study space supports students in their quest for mastering hard as well as soft skills. The audio-visual production realization, the organization of festivals, seminars, and various fora, featuring external producers, authors and business organisations p

Project Target Group

The project is aimed at the internal audiences, comprising the students and professors from the programs Cinema, Animation Cinema, Journalism, Advertising, Photography, Sound Engineering, Music, Theatre, etc., as well as external audiences. The activities, offered by the RTC of NBU, develop the established relationships and create new ones with representatives of the industry and the NGOs. Also, attracting new partners and renown figures in the cinema industry, television, radio, music, and t

Project Duration

The project for the Radio and TV Centre of NBU is in accordance with the general philosophy of New Bulgarian University to develop the students as individuals and to nurture enterprising and socially responsible young people, prepared for living in today’s world. The new Radio and TV Centre complements the policy that NBU has been committed to since its founding thirty years ago, to this day, namely, to encourage development, diversity, and freedom. The planning of the project was initiated i

Project Activities

Since the opening of the building in the Autumn of 2020, hundreds of students from different NBU departments have participated in the trainings and the internal projects. After lifting the restrictions, imposed by the pandemic, the activities of the Radio and TV Centre will be aimed at developing external productions, in which NBU will play the role of a co-producer, co-author or subcontractor. The participation of students in these projects will hone their practical skills and will pave the way for their future career advancement. As of the present moment the TV Studio of the Radio and TV Centre has realized the ideas of students and professors, among which the student program Career: Student, featuring the Education Minister Krassimir Valchev and leading experts. The production focuses on the quality of higher education in Bulgaria and the development opportunities for young people. The program is broadcast via the YouTube channel and the NBU social networks. Twelve episodes of the program The Time of Europe, a project, devised by the political scientist and NBU faculty member Assoc. Prof. Antony Galabov, PhD, have been recorded in the up-to-date studio. Among the guests of

Project Results

The availability of the Radio and TV Centre has stimulated the prospective students to the plethora of majors offered by the NBU’s arts departments like Cinema, Advertisement and Show Business, Music, Theatre, Media and Communications, etc. at the same time, the modern facilities inspired the students to realize innovative audio-visual projects. As a result of the publicly available information about the RTC and the University’s activities in the recent months, notable figures in the artistic and business circles have shown interest in co-operating with NBU for developing joint productions. Contacts with different producers have been built up, aiming at non-profit, audio-visual, and social welfare products, created by NBU students and tutors.