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Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The main goal of "Choose to help" since 2009 has been real support to health, social, cultural and environmental causes of significance for whole of the society. Through the dedicated online donation platform -, bank employees and public audience can easily contribute to the implementation of the projects included in the campaign. The initiative also helps for boosting development of charity as a moral value among employees and clients - the secondary target of the campaign.

Project Target Group

"Choose to help" actively engages both bank employees and outside audiences, and aims to promote donation to society. Each year, the campaign supports projects that solve some of the most actual issues in the health, social, cultural and eco spheres. In 2020, the campaign was conducted in March (outside its usual period) to support hospitals and first-line physicians in the fight against Covid-19.

Project Duration

In 2019, the 11th edition of "Choose to Help" was held. The campaign runs annually from November of the current year to September of the following year, but due to the pandemic, the 12th edition of the campaign was initiated in March '20 and lasted until June, when donations were received not only from bank employees, but also from the general public.

Project Activities

The following events were organized to present the results of the campaign: opening of a sports ground for children and youth with disabilities in Dimitrovgrad; opening of an educational center in the National Ethnographic Museum - a "Little Dragon"; opening of the renovated children's department of the library in Kardzhali for more complete integration of children and youth with special educational needs; opening of a specially equipped room for development of children with sensory, language and speech disorders in Kindergarten "Sun", Mezdra; event with students from the Vocational High School of Economics and Tourism "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ", Petrich - a meeting of generations - National Chitalishte" Prosveta -1928 "- Gabrene; free diagnostic and consulting activities from MU-Varna, for people who have sleep problems; opening of the "Kozia Stena Day Care Center", located in the Central Balkan National Park; a seminar was held for clinicians making first contact with patients at high risk for lung cancer. A number of volunteer actions were carried out (see the attached presentation).

Project Results

Number of supported projects 2019 - 23; since the beginning of the campaign - 283 projects Number of participating employees 2019 - 1718; average number of participating employees - 2 134 Amount donated by Raiffeisenbank 2019 - BGN 184,276; from the beginning of the campaign - BGN 2,516,515 Amount donated by the employees in 2019 - BGN 38,289; from the beginning of the campaign - BGN 564,059 Amount donated by external donors 2019 - BGN 38,330; from the beginning of the campaign - BGN 497,251 Total donated amount for 2019 - BGN 260,895; For 2020 - BGN 328,180; TOTAL AMOUNT DONATED by the employees, the bank and the external donors for the period 2009 - 2020 - BGN 3,577,825