Project - HP Inspires Giving - Corporate giving and volunteering supporting Bulgarian NGOs



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

HP Inspires Giving aims to support local NGOs through various annual and regular donation/giving and volunteering campaigns, which: - strive for better education opportunities to the young generation and/or different minorities and people in need; - support and help people with disabilities; - fight against the poverty in Bulgaria; - help in resolving different environmental (ecology) threats and problems; - take care of stray animals; - are involved in resolving any other social or community problems we are facing in Bulgaria. HP Inspires Giving offers a solution via donation/giving and volunteering campaigns which directly support the NGOs. The donations could be corporate, employee personal contributions or from HP Foundation. The volunteering is on employee level.

Project Target Group

Beneficiaries of the project are all legally registered NGOs in Bulgaria as well as all educational institutions. We reach the target groups via specially developed online platform for donations and volunteering time registration - HP's Giving & Volunteering Tool ( In this platform the NGO profile can be created by the NGO themselves or to be nominated by an HP employee. As of today, we have more than 200 vetted and registered causes/NGOs for Bulgaria.

Project Duration

HP Inspires Giving is part of the bigger CSR strategy of HP and the third pillar 'Community' (the other two are 'Planet' and 'People'). In this pillar our CSR strategy is to help improving and making the life in the different local/country communities better, depending on the specific needs. The project is budgeted and planned on annual base, but it's in place since 5 years ago. For the objective of this nomination we will focus mainly on the last year's project results.

Project Activities

The main project activities we did during the LAST YEAR are: - '40 Days of Doing Good' campaign where we helped Junior Achievement Bulgaria, 'Our Premature Children' Foundation and 'Eyes on Four Paws' Foundation with monetary grant of 33000 BGN (total for the campaign) for translation of entrepreneurship courses, service dogs training, equipment for neonatology and 200 volunteered hours for training students on Project Management. - Donation campaign to the Bulgarian Food Bank - 18000 BGN corporate donation and 17000 BGN employees food vouchers donation. Total - 35000 BGN. - 'Imagine Grant' campaign to 'Trotoara' Foundation - monetary grant of 15000 BGN for covering annual utility bills and furnishing the computer room, buying hardware. - Donation campaign to Primary School 'Hristo Botev' in Zidarovo village. We donated 12 laptops and backpacks for a computer room equipment and/or to help children with virtual education. - Corporate beehive adoption (annual subscription) supporting the 'Real honey' platform and Pollenity - Regular participation in 'Plastic Caps for the Future' - Donation campaign for 'Forward together Rozino' Foundation - school supplies, clothes and shoes.

Project Results

Thanks to the HP Inspires Giving, for one year we: - directly supported the work of Bulgarian NGOs with around 83000 BGN monetary grants from HP; - indirectly supported the work of Bulgarian NGOs with around 750 employee volunteering hours (hands-on and skill-based) which equals nearly 110000 BGN (according to a rate, calculated by HP Foundation for Bulgaria, those volunteered hours are turned to 110000 BGN); - had direct donations via the online platform HP's Giving & Volunteering Tool to various Bulgarian NGOs for about 15000 BGN (direct donations from our employees and then doubled by the HP Foundation). Thanks to all that, we help our children have better access to education, we help people in need to have a proper lunch, we help our premature children in Bulgaria and many more.