Project - Future driving - safe and with care for the environment and society



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Project description

Project Aim

Bosch Engineering Center was officially inaugurated in 2019 and about 350 highly qualified professionals are working there on the program "Future driving - safe and with care for the environment and society", which assist drivers in areas such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and electrical mobility. Its goal is to become a global hub for automotive software providing solutions to critical problems for the society and nature, such as road safety and environmental protection. The program combines strategic and innovative solutions for automotive products. It includes smart control of vehicle power chains and fuses, systems for interior monitoring and driver assistance systems. Some of them are completely new market solutions, entirely based on Bosch developments and patents

Project Target Group

The systems developed at the Center target the car manufacturers and the society as a whole. Thanks to them, the road traffic will become much safer and secure for everyone. The impact of dust particles,nitrogen oxides and CO2 on humans, the environment and the climate is a hot topic. Electric mobility is the future of the transport and it will contribute to improve the air quality. The experts from the Center apply their knowledge and experience to improve the actual situation in the long term

Project Duration

For the Bosch Group, "sustainability" means ensuring the company long-term success and nature protection. Bosch aims to make the renewable energy more accessible, the mobility safer, cleaner and more economical, and to develop environmentally friendly products in all areas of activity. The program "Future driving - safe and with care for the environment and society" fully meets one of Bosch corporate social responsibility goals, namely safer mobility of the future.

Project Activities

The Bosch Engineering Center Sofia participates in the development of over 40 international projects for the automotive industry and is behind a number of innovative technologies. For example, the systems for monitoring and evaluating the behavior of the drivers and passengers, analyzing the data obtained through artificial intelligence and can make decisions to prevent accidents. The center is also involved in the development of the latest generation of front video camera, which monitors the road situation, recognizes road signs, provides intelligent control of headlights and protects pedestrians. Other systems assist the drivers and warn them in case of risk. One of the latest projects is the development of software for e-bikes. The Bosch Group has a 70% market share in the global production of e-bikes technology. In addition to developing software solutions, the Center now has a hardware department and is responsible for the overall project management. For a little over a year, the company has shown that it has the potential and expertise to take full responsibility for a project: from software, through project management, communication with the client to overall process manage

Project Results

Since its opening until now, the Center has grown more than twice - from 120 to nearly 350 people, investing in the development of unique professionals and young talents in Bulgaria. All they are united by the cause to change the future of the automotive industry, which is happening here and now. The Center in Sofia works closely with Bosch R & D teams in Germany, in the United States, Hungary and Romania - a guarantee of high quality and reliability. Bosch has serious intentions to continue its expansion and investments in Bulgaria in view of the successful and rapid development of the project. Some of the innovations created are already available in some vehicle brands and facilitate the road traffic. Bosch Engineering Center Sofia has proven that it is not an outsourcing company and