Project - The Power of Compassion



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

2020 has made us even more socially responsible. We focused on three areas – healthcare, support for young people, and donations. Main goals of the project: 1. Improving the conditions in the hospitals in Gabrovo and Sevlievo - support in opening a PCR laboratory in the regional hospital in Gabrovo and Covid reanimation in Sevlievo local hospital. 2. Engaging employees to donate blood plasma. 3. Empathy for the personal development of children through extracurricular activities in sports and culture and enrichment of their experiences by participating in competitions and contests. 4. Creating a closer to the family environment for children in specialized centers in Sevlievo by involving employees in the company's compassion through the initiative "It's Christmas - let's give warmth."

Project Target Group

1. In terms of healthcare, the benefits are for all residents in Gabrovo District - better conditions for patients, helping doctors and medical staff. 2. Children and young people - in 2020 we supported 16 sports clubs and 3 art schools, which means over 400 children. 3. Charity initiative for 23 children and youth in need and special needs in two specialized centers in Sevlievo. The support is for their emotional and spiritual growth, development of creative needs.

Project Duration

The Power of Compassion project is a consequence of a 29-year tradition of investing in the development of society. Every year we support various activities in the fields of healthcare, education, culture, art, ecology, sports. The variety of activities supported by over 40 clubs, teams, and schools in the region and the exceptional achievements of talented children, supported by the company, are gathered on the pages of the book "The Pride of Sevlievo".

Project Activities

Activities of the project "The Power of Compassion" in terms of: 1. Healthcare - the most significant projects have been identified along with the hospitals’ management: - Gabrovo Hospital - we supported the establishment of a PCR laboratory — opened on October 21 — equipment, repairs, and consumables; sanitary equipment of the newly established coronavirus compartments; - Sevlievo Hospital - the opening of Covid reanimation on January 15, 2021, repair of the intensive-care unit. - Campaign among the employees for blood plasma donation. 2. Support the activities of sports clubs and art schools for children's performance in the few possible competitions, contests, and exhibitions during the pandemic, through which we contribute to the personal and mental growth of young people. 3. Carrying out a charity Christmas campaign for the children in the specialized centers in Sevlievo. The internal campaign was run from December 10 to 21. Publications in the regional media: Rositsa newspaper, 100 Vesti newspaper, Sevlievo online, Gabrovonews, Gabrovo daily, on Facebook pages of the towns, on the pages of hospitals, and others. Very positive response, at least 30,000 readings.

Project Results

With the opening of a PCR laboratory in the regional hospital, we contributed to provide a faster diagnosis (The result comes out the same day or no later than 24 hours after sampling.), timely treatment, and limiting the risk of spreading Covid-19. The laboratory works for the benefit of the hospitals in Gabrovo, Sevlievo, and Tryavna. More than 7200 PCR tests have been taken since the opening until the end of 2020. With the funding of extracurricular activities, we supported 400 children to participate in 78 competitions, 12 contests, and 8 exhibitions, winning over 100 prizes. There was a Christmas mood for 23 children, with a rich festive table and gifts. We bought two laptops for online training. The remaining funds are to be used for the needs of the centers.