Project - Avon promise to help end violence against women



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The campaign aimed at drawing attention to a known but not openly discussed social issue – domestic violence. Every year thousands of women suffer abuse inflicted by their partner. We analyzed Google key words and found that actually those women turn to Google for help, rather than talk to a specialist. To address this issue, we created Google Search ads which appeared only before specific phrases which the victims enter in the search engine: ‘my partner beats me’, ‘is it normal that he hits me’, etc. All of these ads lead to a video with a psychologist encouraging women to call specialized domestic abuse hotline 080011977 In the 2nd part of the campaign, we targeted wider audience with call to action to support Avon mission against violence by ordering a product from our charity line

Project Target Group

According to preliminary data, monthly key word searches related to domestic violence exceeded 3200. For the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November we came up with a campaign aimed to reach 2 target audiences: 1. Women suffering domestic abuse to encourage them seek advice from a specialist and 2. The wide public to raise awareness of this social problem and prompt willingness to support the cause by ordering a charity item from Avon DV product line

Project Duration

Avon is a company engaged with DV cause throughout the year, dedicated to provide support to women affected by this problem. Traditionally in November we organize campaigns addressing this social issue. In 2020 the campaign started communication 2 weeks before International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November. In that period the campaign actively engaged women suffering DV and the wide public. The campaign ended on 10 December, International Day of Human Rights.

Project Activities

The campaign was based mostly on digital ads and OOH print advertising in Sofia underground (11 positions in the period 16-29 November). In the active communication period the media mix included a series of short videos with a psychologist, reaching 3553 users via Google Search Ads. In addition, another video with call to action to the wide audience was sponsored in YouTube as pre-roll ad, reaching more than 24,000 views and 160,000 impressions. PR articles were published in 9 media – Glamour, Rozali,, Licata na grada, Offnews. We involved in the campaign local influencers and sent them a creative delivery – Avon Speak Out lipstick with call to action - take a stand against gender-based violence. 30 influencers posted on the topic in their social media, helping raise awareness of the problem.

Project Results

The campaign reached 169000 impressions through a series of digital videos with a psychologist along with 9 publications in BUL media close to the targeted audience. We believe we achieved the following: - encouraged women affected by domestic abuse to speak out and seek professional advice at the specialized hotline 080011977, а joint project of Avon Bulgaria and NGO Alliance for Protection against Gender-based Violence. - Increased trust in the hotline, presenting one of the key persons operating the hotline, giving direct support (for reference 584 women called the hotline in 2020, out of which 86 in the period November-December) - raised awareness of a social problem that still doesn’t get enough attention and remains hidden from public view