Project - We donate together! We will cope together!



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

From 2020, we all live and work in an unprecedented situation, in a time of great stress and insecurity. Not only our health is put to the test, but also our ethics, responsibility, professionalism and humanity. The coronavirus in Bulgaria has put hospitals in the complex task of providing quality and timely treatment to the ever-growing number of patients. Hospitals have been subjected to extreme workload and stress due to the complicated epidemic situation. PRESTIGE initiated the donation for hundreds of doctors, nurses, and administrative staff of several hospitals in Bulgaria with the sole purpose of saying THANK YOU, COURAGE and making them smile for a moment, albeit hidden behind masks and believe that we will all cope together!

Project Target Group

As a socially engaged company and a responsible employer, we initiated and successfully made donations of funds, medical equipment and products to hospitals in Bulgaria and people in need. Over 40,000 PRESTIGE products, packed in special bags with message “Thank you! We will cope together! ”, were donated to the doctors and administrative staff in Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad, Pleven, Botevgrad, Pazardzhik, Vidin, Military Hospital in Sofia and Uni Hospital Panagyurishte.

Project Duration

In times of crisis and state of emergency, it is more than obligatory for us at PRESTIGE to lend a helping hand. Moreover, we believe that the success of a company is not only measured by the growth of financial indicators, but also by what positive trace it leaves behind in society, how it helps and what values it instills in children. Our mission, as a confectionery manufacturer, is to bring joy to our consumers. We are proud that with the dozens of product donations we have made in 2020

Project Activities

In 2020, was important to talk about support, donations and mutual aid. The good news was in short supply, and so necessary for each of us. To speak for the good, we at PRESTIGE have invested in television advertising to share with Bulgaria that as a socially engaged company we donate part of each of our products to help hospitals in Bulgaria in the fight against COVID-19. In April 2020, for the period from 06.04 to 26.04 in the channels of BTV Media Group we dedicated our advertising to the good. In our TV clip, through the voice of the actor Kalin Vrachanski, we told about our initiative to help: “We set aside part of each of our purchased products to help hospitals in Bulgaria in the fight against COVID-19. We donate together! We will cope together!"

Project Results

The kind words we received from the doctors are our greatest reward: 1) "Uni Hospital" Panagyurishte: "Accept sincere thanks for the donated sweets to Uni Hospital ". Gestures like yours are especially valuable in a pandemic, because in addition to their material side, they are an expression of recognition, support and empathy for our team. 2) Regional Hospital in Botevgrad: "Our team addresses you with a simple, but huge and deep from the heart "Thank you ". Thank you for choosing us. " 3) Hospital St. Ivan Rilski Razgrad: "The donation you made to all employees of Hospital St. Ivan Rilski Razgrad is not only of financial value, but moreover - a sign of concern, empathy and humanity."