Project - The combined social approach of JTI Bulgaria



Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

The projects implemented by JTI Bulgaria in the period 2019-2021 are related to problems concerning elderly people in small rural areas, people with disabilities and the environment, and aim to improve the quality of life of both affected groups and society as a whole. The projects are the result of a long-term policy, which is a global priority of the company. They aim to provide support that affects different groups of people outside the company and do not duplicate financial support from institutions, but aim to build on what has been created. The results are achieved with an optimal budget, and the focus of the approach chosen by the company is to achieve maximum effect for the groups we work with, finding options for combining financial donations, volunteer work and pro-bono services.

Project Target Group

We supported the Northwest project financially, through voluntary work and business consultations aimed at building a sustainable model of self-financing for the social enterprise, because both adults and young people need this project there. We have chosen to support JAMBA financially, through material donations to help build a career center for people with disabilities (office furniture and equipment), because we believe that people with disabilities deserve a better learning environment.

Project Duration

The overall policy of our company is committed to protecting human rights and supporting the protection of natural resources, as well as overcoming purely domestic problems that exist at the local level. The projects we develop in Bulgaria are directly related to our beliefs as a company, but also as individuals. Our projects with the Northwest Project, JAMBA, the State Forestry, our partnership with the BCause Foundation and Green Balkans have been developing for three years now.

Project Activities

The physical events we organized in connection with corporate social responsibility projects are 3. Our first socially responsible event was realized together with the Northwest project, where 10 of our colleagues volunteered. Together we managed to clean the yard of the place that the social enterprise received from the municipality of Mezdra to start operating and preparing the food for the patronage kitchen. On the same day, another part of the JTI team was at Pomorie Lake (10) and a third part at Plovdiv (9). When organizing the initiatives, we took into account the locations of our colleagues, so not to waste time and energy for travelling,X certainly increased their commitment and turned volunteering into a useful and enjoyable part of the responsibilities. At Lake Pomorie and in Plovdiv, our colleagues joined an initiative to build houses and feeders for birds that remain in urban areas during the winter, which was organized with the assistance of our partners from the Green Balkans. At the end of 2019, together with the assistance of the State Forestry in the village of Kokalyane, more than 20 people from our team planted 500 saplings together.

Project Results

Through financial donations aimed at the Northwest project, we helped in part to maintain the normal functioning of the social enterprise, and through the voluntary provision of business advice and volunteer work in favor of the project, we were able to help its business development and improve purely domestic conditions on the territory of the patronage kitchen. The volunteer initiatives, organized jointly with the State Forestry, our partners from Green Balkans and BCause were focused entirely on improving and caring for the environment. Jamba's support aims to help the organization create an environment in which to build on activities and train even more able and willing people to enter the labor market.