Project - A package of measures to support the community during a pandemic



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, FANTASTICO GROUP made it its goal to implement a package of measures to support the healthcare system and vulnerable groups in Bulgarian society: ● Support for UMHAT "Alexandrovska" with a donation of BGN 200,000 to purchase medical equipment ● Financial assistance for “Evrohealth” Medical Center (BGN 20,000) ● "Hot lunch from Fantastico" in support of vulnerable groups in Sofia (BGN 53,850) ● Charity bowling tournament "Lend a hand" in support of children with special needs (BGN 14,137) ● Support for the Sofia branch of the Union of the Blind with BGN 12,000 ● Support for "The Little House" (“Malkata Kashtichka”) - a social project of the Federation of Adapted Physical Activity ● Sale of products with a cause - masks made by mothers of ch

Project Target Group

The package of measures implemented by FANTASTICO aimed to support the healthcare system due to the need to purchase breathing apparatuses to treat patients with COVID-19. In addition to doctors and patients, the target groups of the project were also the elderly, the homeless, socially disadvantaged households and families of children with special needs. The package of measures was also aimed at organisations involved with volunteering and social entrepreneurship.

Project Duration

Some of the measures included one-off donations of funds, others took place in different periods, and the sale of products with a cause continues today. The initiative "Hot lunch from Fantastico", for example, took place in the period 30.03-13.05.20. The "Lend a Hand" charity bowling tournament was held in early October, and the support for "The Little House" lasted for several months until the forced closure of restaurants at the end of 2020.

Project Activities

1. Study of the needs in healthcare and among vulnerable groups in a pandemic; 2. Attracting partners; 3. As part of the Fantastico “Hot Lunch” initiative, the company committed to preparing and donating hot lunches seven days a week for 140 people. At the end of the initiative with partners, hot lunches reached 380 people every day. 4. The cause of the "Lend a Hand" tournament was supported by important figures in sports such as Maria Grozdeva, Nevyana Vladinova, Alexandra Zhekova and others. 5. Holding events; 6. Organisational and production activities (food preparation, etc.); 7. Support for social entrepreneurship by providing an opportunity to sell products with a cause in all 43 supermarkets ("Ole Male" - handmade toys, protective masks and other items made by mothers of children with disabilities; "Daisy" - CDs with children's songs; Caritas - handmade products for the home; Time Heroes - chocolates in support of the largest volunteering platform in our country); 8. Development of a wide range of communication materials to promote various initiatives; 9. A series of media appearances and more.

Project Results

● Support for UMHAT "Alexandrovska" - purchased medical equipment ● "Hot Lunch from FANTASTICO" - delivered 10,770 servings of hot food to people in dire need; partner companies involved; more than 30 chefs retained their jobs at a time when interest in supermarket hot food counters is low and restaurants are closed ● Bowling tournament "Lend a hand" - BGN 14,137 were donated to the "Children with Developmental Disabilities" Foundation for the rehabilitation of children whose parents have difficulty providing them with the necessary support ● Financial support for the Sofia branch of the Union of the Blind, necessary for the functioning of the organisation and its support for the blind ● Gratuitous provision of cakes for sale in "The Little House", where children with mental disabiliti