Project - Warm Charity Kitchen



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Project description

Project Aim

Warm Kitchen started from a small idea with a big cause. With the closure of restaurants in the country in the spring of 2020, the team of Pivovarnitza Kamenitza began to think about how to use its kitchen in this period to help the community in the hometown of Kamenitza - Plovdiv. Thus, the idea for a social campaign came - to prepare hot fresh food for needy families and households in the city. Pivovarnitza opened its doors for the good. Volunteers from the team prepared warm food in the kitchen of the restaurant, which was then delivered to needy families. Pivovarnitza managed to unite the Bulgarian Red Cross - Plovdiv and other companies around a cause, which helped over 200 needy families in the city within a few months.

Project Target Group

The target group were socially disadvantaged families in Plovdiv. Information about them was provided by the partners - the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Bulgarian Red Cross. At the beginning, the initiative started with 30 people, two weeks later the number doubled - to 70 people. The initiative continued to grow and since the beginning of May, more than 133 people have started receiving hot food. Thus, the cause reached over 200 needy families in Plovdiv during this difficult period.

Project Duration

The project started in April and lasted until June in its first phase. With the second wave of coronavirus spread and renewal of restrictive measures, the campaign was renewed at the end of October and continued until the end of the year, this time aiming to reach homeless people in Plovdiv. The cause was related to the mission of Pivovarnitza to continue to support and contribute to the development of the city of Plovdiv as a carrier of the history and traditions of Kamenitza.

Project Activities

The activities of the campaign were related to the preparation and delivery of food, as well as communication in social and online media, which aimed to attract more people with donations to the online fundraising campaign, as well as more partner companies to get involved with donations of products. The project started as a small initiative covering 30 people, and subsequently managed to expand its reach and help over 200 families in need in the city of Plovdiv. In its second phase in the autumn, the campaign was aimed at the homeless in Plovdiv.

Project Results

Through the Warm Kitchen initiative we believe that together with the partners of Pivovarnitza and all colleagues and volunteers, we managed to bring at least a little joy, smiles and warmth in the homes of all those in need. The situation in the country during this period was difficult and challenging for everyone, but especially for those for whom there is no one to take care of. The initiative gave a hand to these people, showing that only together and united, we can go over everything. We received great response and support from all partners, who gladly accepted the cause as their own, which really proved the power of the good and the unity in difficult times. The campaign received a special award for a campaign with cause by the annual responsible awards of b2b Media.