Project - Youth Empowered



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The company believes that business need to motivate young people by sharing successful examples and giving valuable skills and knowledge, that will support them in their future career. Youth Empowered aims at ensuring preparation of the young people in the country for a successful career start, by focusing on development of skills, that will allow them a smooth entry to the labor market after finishing their education.

Project Target Group

#YouthEmpowered target is young people between 16-26 YO. The program is focused on three main target groups: secondary schools with a high percentage students dropping from the educational system, high school students in the last year of their education course (aiming at prevention from dropping out of the educational system and labor market in future) and young talents/university students (focused on increasing of the motivation and qualification for successful career start).

Project Duration

#YouthEmpowered is long-term program, started in the beginning of 2017, and its goal is until 2025 to train 1 000 000 young people in all 28 countries part of Coca-Cola Hellenic Group. Bulgaria has big contribution to achievement of this ambitious goal and every year thousands young people are trained during the program.

Project Activities

Youth Empowered program was launched in 2017, thanks to the efforts of The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria and Junior Achievement Bulgaria. The program aims to support the young people in the country and to ensure their successful preparation for career start. From the beginning of the program until today, over 11 000 young people between 16-26 YO were part of the trainings for increasing of their employability. As part of its comprehensive strategy for support and professional development of the young people, The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria continued its support during COVID-19 situation, transforming into online program. Az part of the 2020 edition of #YouthEmpowered, over 50 professionals from business and educational sector participated as mentors in webinars, seminars for career orientation and the first Coca-Cola Digital Academy at SoftUni Digital. Almost 5200 youths learned how to successfully apply for job, what are the skills for success, how to negotiate and to manage projects and time and what are the secrets behind building and realization of the strategies behind the most popular brands worldwide.

Project Results

During the fifth edition of #YouthEmpowered, 5187 young people from all over the country were trained for development of personal skills and business competences. Their mentors were a total of 56 mentors – specialists from business, NGO sector, lecturers, (36 of which – employees from The Coca-Cola System in Bulgaria) participated in 184 volunteering hours. In 2020 the first Coca-Cola Digital Academy at SoftUni Digital was organized, setting ambitious goals for the increasing of the qualification and support of the career development of the young people in Bulgaria, reaching and sharing the experience and knowledge of its employees with more and more young people.