Project - Lidl: Топ работодател в действие



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Lidl Bulgaria intends to be a leader in the retail sector by implementing sustainable practices towards the employees, society, the environment and its partners. The integrated HR strategy supports the achievement of the compny key goals by including various activities- integrating distinctive employer brand, building a strong leadership culture, investment in human capital in qualitative and quantitative terms to ensure business goals, development and employee engagement, enrichment of training programs, health management and youth programs. Lidl's employee management policy is oriented towards creating an excellent work environment and developing their potential.

Project Target Group

As an investor in the human capital with long - term goals, Lidl’s target audiences are: - In the company- nearly 3200 employees, who have been provided with development programs, extensive benefits system, which improve the life quality and the employee experience. - Outside to company- the target audience is young people, who has the opportunity to be part of the educational programs such as dual training, internship, trainee program etc.

Project Duration

Lidl Bulgaria perception of the corporate responsibility and sustainable development is integrated in the business model of the company by investing in causes and policies which make life better. Lidl as an employer has long-term commitment to creating excellent conditions for the employees work and development, which is annually upgrated with additional activities. Sustainable policy of Lidl Bulgaria is also the implementation of the projects with educational focus on the young people.

Project Activities

In the overall project for investment in human capital with many dimensions, the following stand out: 1. Covid 19 crises reconfirmed the employee care as a main priority. In a short term the company managed to meet high safty standarts, provided all employees innovative immunostimulant, developed a program of psychological support. Onboarding of the new employees, trainings, recruiting process and participation in career shows were switched to online versions. А campaign of gratitude to the employees was made, incl. with financial benefits. 2. Successfully implemented youth programs: 7 interns developed business-applicable projects and passed a series of special trainings. In 2020, it successfully garduated Lidl first class in dual training. 3. Creating a full working environment and care for employees, incl. salaries with 52% above the country average and a rich package of benefits, good - quality work clothes and shoes, etc. A strategy for health management was implemented, incl. additional health insurance, massage chairs in all locations of the company, etc. 4. All employees are included in a talent management system and various training and development programs.

Project Results

- The employees are in the top 3 levels of satisfaction among the countries in which Lidl is present - over 90% in 2019 (internal survey). `- In 2020, positive growth in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) - In 2020- Top Employer Bulgaria, Top Employer Europe certificates and various others awards for world-class standards for people management and development. - The most wanted employer among retailers according to employees and students in the Employer of choice and Graduate Survey surveys - Covid measures survey - over 90% of employees consider them relevant, and 87% believe that communication in the current situation is effective - Possitive feedback from interns and dual students for their participation in the programs of Lidl Bulgaria. High interest in joining the programs.