Project - MentorMate DevCamp



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

Prior to creating DevCamp, we analyzed and evaluated our strategy. DevCamp helps us solve several issues - of the Bulgarian labour market and of the company. Our analysis showed that most of the junior specialists we hire either lack some knowledge, or their skillset doesn’t meet the company’s needs. These issues lead to longer training and onboarding processes, complications with productivity and quality, even risk of client dissatisfaction. Our analysis showed that the Bulgarian labor market suffers from a great shortage of IT specialists. This forces software companies to compete against each other to hire the best experts. We created DevCamp that helps young individuals learn, develop, and grow as professionals while they get paid during the program:

Project Target Group

MentorMate and the whole IT community benefit from the project. DevCamp targets young talents ready to launch their careers in the software development world. We reach them by means of different marketing strategies such as a website of the project, content in social media, shared content from our partners, and others. We have organized three editions of DevCamp, where a total of 1651 people applied, 91 of them were accepted to the program, and 57 of them started working at MentorMate.

Project Duration

The project began in 2019 and since then it has attracted some of the most talented young people interested in software development in Bulgaria. At the end of the program, the best among them start working at MentorMate and step by step become experts in their field. This is part of the long-term policy of MentorMate: to contribute to the Bulgarian labour market with motivated and educated people. Up to now, we have launched four campaigns for DevCamp participation.

Project Activities

During the first part of DevCamp, the participants have daily lectures led by senior software developers on different topics depending on the track they’ve chosen. The participants are trained in developing projects with different web and mobile technologies such as Python, Java, .NET, Swift, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React.js, React Native, Node.js, Laravel, Django, Spring, and others. After each lecture, they receive individual task assignments to practice the new knowledge. They get feedback about their assignments from their buddies who help them learn, grow as professionals, and guide them through the company’s culture. Along with the technical knowledge, the trainees develop their soft skills such as building relationships with clients and presentation skills for product demos. As part of the participants’ learning journey, they participate in a hackathon, where they work in teams and for several days experience how to develop a software product and present it to a client. During the second part of DevCamp, the participants start work on real clients’ projects side by side with MentorMate experts and gain valuable practical experience

Project Results

DevCamp paves the way to the participants’ professional development at MentorMate and beyond. They enhance their technical skills while working with cutting-edge technologies and have the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent software development talents on world-class projects. After the end of the program, more than 60% of the participants are offered permanent employment at MentorMate and work on client projects. Thus, they have not only gained valuable technical knowledge and developed their practical skills, but also launched their careers in the software development world. MentorMate is a great start for their development and gives them even further opportunities to grow as professionals and become experts in their field.