Project - KCM Blagodetel: Mission "Kindness"



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

We often want to help, but we do not find the time or we do not have the financial means to carry out our cause. The KCM Blagodetel project was created to satisfy the need of the employees of KCM 2000 GROUP to be participants in the world around them, engaging in socially useful activities and causes of social significance. In addition to providing opportunities for charity during working hours, the company stands financially behind the noble endeavors of its employees - in this way together we can change the world for the better by contributing to improving the quality of life and socialization of children and adults from vulnerable groups. , for nature protection and preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.

Project Target Group

- Children and aduit people in difficult social situation, accommodated in institutions - Permanently hospitalized children and adult people - Children and adult people with special health and educational needs - Protection of nature and natural resources - Improvement of the living environment in cities and small settlements - Preservation of the cultural and historical heritage

Project Duration

The KCM Blagodetel project is implemented throughout the year. In 2020- 3 projects have been implemented, aimed at children in a difficult social situation, permanently hospitalized children and the preservation of the Bulgarian culture nand environment. In 2019- 5 projects have been implemented, aimed at preserving the cultural and historical heritage, children in difficult social situation, hospitalized children, social integration and providing support to people with physical disabilities.

Project Activities

1. In the family-type accommodation center (FTAC) „Children's Home“ live children aged 3 to 12, whose parents cannot take care of them or the care they take puts their health and life at risk. Under the project, 74 pieces compulsory textbooks from 1st to 4th grade, which are not covered by the state, were purchased, bound and delivered to the children. 2.The Education and Health Association is a public benefit NGO. Their volunteers work daily with permanently ill children with oncological, neurological and others diseases from 1st to 12th grade, accommodated in the Clinic of Pediatrics at the University Hospital St. George-Plovdiv. The project purchased creative materials, aids and board games, which in addition to the learning process and in order to diversify the depressing hospital life, to support the organization of creative workshops. 3.Hristo Botev Community Center celebrates 115 years since its establishment. Within the project a video surveillance system was built, in view of the frequent raids on the building of the community center. A special bench in the form of a book of poems by Hristo Botev was ordered, which became an attraction among the children from Plovdiv.

Project Results

Children, lived in the FTAC, are not blessed with the opportunities that are taken for granted in an ordinary family. It was important that the textbooks were delivered on time, so as not to interrupt the students' learning process, but also to preserve the dignity of the children-not to be ridiculed at school in connection with the financial situation in which they find themselves. Organizing art classes for permanently hospitalized children is an important addition to the healing process - art helps to give space to the inner emotions and feelings that children face in a hospital setting. In addition to creative materials, board games were provided to diversify the hospital's daily life. The news about the unique bench-book with poems attracted many new children to the community center