Project - Healthy nutrition initiative for kids (Umnici Gladnici)



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The project addresses the topic of healthy and balanced eating. Obesity, poor diet, and lack of physical activity are among the main problems that children face today. The formation of right eating habits is extremely important for young children. A fundamental role in this process have their parents and teachers. As a result of these facts, Lidl created the Healthy nutrition initiative for kinds. It is targeted at children from 1st to 4th grade and aims to present the topic of healthy and balanced eating at school in a fun and interesting way. The campaign is realized in partnership with "Parents" Association and with the assistance of Ministry of Education and Science.

Project Target Group

Direct and indirect users are students, teachers, and parents from the pilot three cities where the initiative took place - Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. We reached them by holding information meetings for teachers; a specially created manual with guidelines for developing a lesson on balanced and healthy eating; PR activities; videos with Chef Manchev and Chef Shishkov, and a social media campaign. Through the initiative, we reached 250 teachers and 900 students, as well as their families.

Project Duration

It is part of Lidl's consistent efforts to help parents take care of their children, to support them throughout their growth and development, and to contribute to their balanced diet. Lidl has been working in this direction for more than 5 years, having implemented a number of projects : Manjitsu, Lidl Sunday at Muzeiko, and the publication of the first children's cookbook. As a continuation of these projects, Lidl launched Umnici Gladnici, with its first edition coming to an end in 2020.

Project Activities

The initiative included the following stages and activities: 1. Creation of special material for healthy and balanced eating by Prof. Lyudmila Ivanova. See the material here: 2. Conducting a series of information meetings by the Association "Parents" for teachers: 250 teachers from 100 schools in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna attended 3. Announcing a competition for the most fun and useful lesson for healthy and balanced diet 4. Executing the lessons on healthy and balanced eating in schools, as a result 900 students were involved 5. An expert jury selected the 15 best lessons, awarding 7 schools from Sofia, 5 schools from Varna and 3 schools from Plovdiv 6. Through a special video Chef Manchev and Chef Shishkov greeted the awarded teachers and their classes 7. As a final step, a manual of 5,000 copies was published, containing the best 15 lessons to support teachers in the process. It is provided to all schools in the country. The manual is also available online at: Communication for the competition: Within the initiative, 8 press releases were made, with 148 publications; 2 interviews and 2 videos by Manchev and Shishkov.

Project Results

Through the creation of the manual and its distribution in all schools in Bulgaria, as well as its online availability, the initiative managed to help teachers in a structured and interesting way to introduce the topic of balanced diet in schools. The initiative provided expert information and resources to primary school teachers to create a basis on the topic of balanced diet and present it in an intriguing way to children. The students, in turn, increased their knowledge about having a balanced diet, and the interactive teaching methodology provoked their interest even more. Highlights from the lessons: Preparation of a cookbook and a movie with recipes; Organization of a Culinary Arts Center; Organizing a dining workshop with the winner of the first season of MasterChef