Project - Healthier life с MyMultiSport



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

My MultiSport is a digital portal for a healthy lifestyle and serves as an instrument for a more active life for everyone wherever they are. The goal of the project is to support working people as well as the gyms and the instructors in a period in which the sporting opportunities are limited due to the Covid19 pandemic. My MultiSport is our way to remind everyone that our healthy lifestyle should not be affected by external influences and we should make continuous efforts to be active, take care of our nutrition and menatlity.

Project Target Group

The target groups are two - the working people in Bulgaria, who spent more time sitting than ever because of Covid19 and on the other hand the instructors, who cannot practice their profession at the moment. That way Benefit Systems Bulgaria support the health of the people and the business at the same time.

Project Duration

The project started in April 2020 and consisted of Live Facebook workouts, weekly webinars and healthy recipes and tips available for every user on the internet. In June 2020 we officially announced My MultiSport as a one-stop-portal for the entire content that we want to give to the community. My MultiSport is free of charge for all MultiSport card holders. The initiative has been up and running for 10 months and we are planning on working on it in the long run and continuously improving it.

Project Activities

Main activities supporting the cause: - Daily live training with competent instructors and monthly live webinars held by health, sports and nutrition professionals - Video library with 140+ on-demand online workouts - Video library of 10 already recorded on-demand webinars on various topics related to living healthy - games with material gifts related to a healthy lifestyle - 5 free consultations for healthy eating and 5 free consultations for mental health - 27 articles by external authors - Over 100 healthy recipes Promotion: - Regular personal conversations with clients regarding My MultiSport - Regular newsletter to customers and MultiSport card holders - The employees of Benefit Systems are the ambassadors of the initiative - Facebook and Instagram - at least three posts a week, daily Stories in connection with the activities in the platform - LinkedIn - sharing articles related to maintaining productivity and common sense - Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads in connection with the activities in the platform Publications: - An article in Capital about the platform and its concept

Project Results

So far, 15,000 of our users have joined the My MultiSport platform. Nearly 200,000 people have attended our workout videos on Facebook and My MultiSport and have trained thanks to those classes. Our webinars have been visited and watched by nearly 5,000 people who asked over 300 questions. According to a survey conducted among our business clients by an independent organization, 66% of them believe that the initiatives have helped them and their employees do sports at home. This shows that people have started doing sports more frequently, have started working out for the first time or have started changing their bad habits, thanks to My MultiSport.