Project - Netpeak Cluster — Club for digital transformation of small business



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Project description

Project Aim

Netpeak Cluster - this is an educational platform for effective online positioning of small businesses in Bulgaria and abroad. The project aims to unite small businesses to help their growth and development. Our project is available to every small business representative in Bulgaria. As the Netpeak Cluster is primarily focused on online business development, the main requirement is that all participants simply have a Google Ads account. We accept the founders and managers of companies in the club. This project is extremely useful for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business online.

Project Target Group

The project aims to unite small businesses to help their growth and development in Bulgaria and abroad. The project is directed outside the company. Participants register after submitting an application directly on the site. We then reach the target group by email and, if necessary, by phone. The active participants at the moment are 64.

Project Duration

The project has been underway since 2019, after which it was caught as the first digital transformation club of its kind in Bulgaria, which is also free. Netpeak is one of the few agencies in Bulgaria, whose main mission is to participate in the overall digital marketing education in Bulgaria, to be a top-of-mind performance marketing agency, with a corporate blog read by over 5,000 people per month, which offers a variety of knowledge in all areas of digital marketing. The Netpeak team is the f

Project Activities

The activity of Netpeak Cluster is promoted only through the site of the cause: We also promote it through links to the site from our main site, as well as in the corporate presentations of Netpeak. In various articles in which we talk about our activities, the Cluster is also always mentioned as the company's own development. It is also promoted as the only platform of its kind in Bulgaria for mutual assistance of small business owners who want to optimize their online presence and need advice and help.

Project Results

Starting in 2019, the Cluster currently has 66 active members (from 170 participants) for whom a specialized Facebook Group has been established. Each member of the group can ask their questions related to digital marketing to Netpic marketers, who answer within 24 hours. The benefits of this support are enormous, as it solves painful problems and provides technical advice. In addition, the platform is for "mutual assistance", which means that members are united around the cause of developing their business, have similar problems and can help each other. Netpeak Cluster is a unifying source of businesses that can take advantage of specialized advice from marketers with many years of experience completely free of charge.